Finally, a don’t-judge-the-book-by-its-cover bookshop in Australia!

(Photo by James Rollins)

Quite literally, the Elizabeth’s Bookshop in Australia got a simple, but brilliant idea, selling secondhand books wrapped up in brown paper like gifts, and writing in clues which will certainly tickle one’s curiosity!

A Blind Date with a Book is how they call it. It’s a promo which started in 2014, basically for those who wanted to save time choosing a book, by not judging on how they look like.

(Photo Tag the Bird)

The bookshop’s website describes the idea:

A Blind Date with a Book is basically a MYSTERY title alluded to by clues on the plain brown paper wrapper.

One of the wrapped up books would read like this:

  • First novel by top 19th c English Lit / 20th c  cult author
  • “And what are you reading, Miss ——- ?” “Oh! Its only a novel” replies the young lady.
  • Gothic heroine, Romantic mystery, Creepy old building

Someone bold enough and take the challenge guessing what book is this?

The dreamy Librairie Albertine Reparue in New York

If Paris has the beautiful Shakespeare and Company bookshop, New York rather has the dreamy Librairie Albertine Reparue.

Photo by Jewel Samad New Yorker/AFP/GETTY

On the second floor of the shop, the ceiling is decorated with a night sky and a zodiac motif inspired by ceiling frescos from the Italian Renaissance, a time “when science and poetry were not separated,” …There are small leatherish sofas, and chairs upholstered in emerald velvet placed around a table in a reading room, so that you can browse through the store’s offerings, which also include a hundred and thirty-seven volumes from the Pléiade. Along with Proust and Lévi-Strauss and Colette and Montaigne and Flaubert, you can find Henry James, Kafka, Melville, Jane Austen, and Shakespeare, just in case you thought it might be time to have a go at them in French (“Est-il plus noble pour l’esprit de souffrire / Les coups et les flèches d’une injurieuse fortune, / Ou prendre les armes contre une mer de tourments, / Et, on les affrontant, y mettre fin?”). — Albertine Reparue: A French Bookshop in New York, The New York

This bookshop sits fabulously at the 972 Fifth Ave.