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so i thought i should do some blog recs in case y’all want to improve your blogging experience yo, my mutuals are hella fuckin rad

if you like my homestuck shit:

radicalaradia posts the cutest megidos and peixes you’ll ever see man, plus lots and lots of textposts and whatnot on the side, not to mention she’s super cute and has gr9 cosplays and is REALLY REALLY HELLA SWEET

shrekolas-cage also posts tons of cute homestuck art, particularly meowrails and fefquius, and reblogs textposts n stuff too. he’s also my moirail!!

madamspookyet - if it’s homestuck, she posts it. (also if you want halloween posts follow her she’s all about that spook life)

2sollux2 is super duper rad and posts a lot of funny homestuck and other stuff too

dersitedreamings has amazing cosplay and awesome reblogs, i love her homestuck stuff omg

andewhussie doesn’t just post homestuck, she posts lots of a+ textposts and whatnot but also a ton of cute hamstack as well!

my-caliginous-romance is one of my faves tbh i love

marquise8ossyfangs is wonderful and i love pls follow them

if you like my band/dci stuff:

dennisbrain. nuff said.

laurendeep is a horn player too and she’s hella rad

crimsoncello also reblogs a lot of musician stuff god bless

littlespoopygifts is a total sweetheart and posts tons of music stuff! i love her she’s one of my faves omg

if you like my reblogs and want similar stuff:

brb-killing-chihiro is one of my favorite blogs of all time omfg what a total babe 

luna-kelly is such a cutie i love and has a hella rad blog

bookgirlwithenthusiasm is the BIGGEST FUCKING CUTIE and I LOVE HER go follow her pls she is tops

theladysherlock tbh has a little of everything kind of like i do, she posts homestuck and marvel and textposts n everything she’s one of the bestest people i know ok

upbeatcynicism is a beautiful human being who posts a lot of amazing women 10/10 would recommend ok


the-spoopy-antagonist is an amazing person with tons of homestuck and pokemon and is also super nice ok

anyway yeah there u fuckn go now go wild

Always post the rules 1. Answer the questions and write ten new ones 2. Tag 12 people and link them to the post 3. Actually tell them that you tagged them

I was tagged by the fantastic jeeniius

1/.What in your opinion is the saddest episode of Spn? (There is a bloody lot of them!)

As a Cas fan I would say Mommy Dearest. Cas doesn’t have his powers and feels like he has to prove himself to Dean because he’s treating him like he’s extra weight Dean has to carry.

2/. What is your favourite item of clothing at the moment?

The pants I sleep in and my boy shorts.

3/. What was your book as a kid?

This weird little book my dad got me where you were Mother Goose’s friends and had to help her find something. It went through a lot of rhymes and I swear I made my dad read it to me until the cover fell off.

4/. Your least favourite food?

Broccoli. I know it’s typical but I don’t like the taste or the consistency.

5/. Is there a particular degree you really want to do?

Library Science.

6/. Favourite state in America? (Or the one you really want to go to?)


7/. One food your are particularly good at cooking? (Or want to?)

No-Peek Chicken

8/. Favourite word?


9/. Scariest movie you have seen?

Annabelle really freaked me out. Or the Conjuring. Anything with demons.

10/. Gabe or Balthazar? Why?

Gabe. He’s ridiculously funny and so sexy. (Although, so is Balth…)

Charliebradbury101’s questions:

1. What book has affected you the most?

The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

2. What’s your favorite type of fanfic?

Fluff or smut with a plot.

3. What’s your dream halloween costume?

Jasmine from Aladdin

4. What’s your favorite thing about yourself?

My sense of humor or my hair.

5. What are your predictions for season 10?

Cas will use the rest of his grace to bring Dean back, then die as a human. Sam/Dean will go to his Heaven to bring him home and see either the night of 5x03 or Cas watching Dean with Lisa and Ben because Cas’s Heaven will be seeing Dean Winchester happy. (Or, if for some ungodly reason Cas is in hell, they will see Cas reliving the moments where Dean cut him down over and over.)

6. What house at hogwarts would you be in?

I want to say Gryffindor but I’d probably find myself in Hufflepuff.

7. Who’s your OTP?

SPN: Dean/Cas or Cas/Crowley (OT3, though)

TVD: Damon/Alaric

TW: Derek/Stiles

8. If you could be one character’s best friend (in any book show or movie) who would you pick?

Alec Lightwood (The Mortal Instruments)

9. If you could meet any actor, who would it be?

Misha Collins.

10. If you had three wishes, what would you use them on? (more wishes is not an acceptable answer)

  1. To touch Jensen’s arms

  2. Animals could talk to/understand me

  3. End bullying

yamiaki96fic questions:

Favorite musician/band/song and why?

Hedley. Most of their lyrics are inspirational to me.

Favorite person and why?

My dad is my favorite person I know because he knows how to take a joke and when to be serious.

Misha is my favorite famous person because he worked his way up from the bottom and makes jokes out his painful memories instead of dwelling on them. He takes care of fans and genuinly seems to love them.

Future child’s/pet’s name?

Jaxon Elijah

Favorite poem?

Annabelle Lee by Edgar Allan Poe and Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening by Robert Frost.

Favorite SPN moment?

In Mystery Spot when the desk falls on Dean and head flies off. Cinematic masterpeice

Saddest SPN moment?

When Cas carves the banishing symbol in his chest, when Dean throws the board game in the floor and Cas picks it up by hand, or when Dean talls Cas that no one cared if Cas was broken.

Favorite quote?

“You fall in love with a person, not a gender.” Darren Criss

What actor has the best body?

Abs: Chris Evans. Arms: Jensen Ackles

Favorite song lyric?

I’m not relgious, but fuck it the music is making me believe.

Present job/Dream job?

Baby sitting presently. I want to be a librarian.


jeeniius’ questions


1. Favourite AU for your OTP

Destiel high school/college AUs

2. Something you did that you are most proud of

I won my school’s writting contest in my junior year with an original short story.

3. Favourite country?

England, France, Italy, anywhere in Europe.

4. If you were given a choice to change your gender would you? Why? (It’s a one time choice, and if you change your gender you can never change back)

No. I like who I am and see no reason to change.

5. Favourite era/ timeline in history

The Twenties. Always.

6. If you could go back in time to undo one thing, what would it be

Dating my last boyfriend. It was never a relationship and we should have just stayed friends.

7. Favourite SPN season

Season 5. Chuck, Lucifer, Death. Changing Channels, Swan Song…It was just the best season hands down.

8. Are you happy with your life right now? Or is there anything you’d like to change?

Yes! I have a good family, I’m doing well in school, I have a good boyfriend and close best friends. I don’t think anything needs to change.

9. Person you love most in the world

My dad. My dad is my best friend and the person I can tell anything.

10. Who are your OTP, BROTP, OT3 and NOTP?

OTP: Dean/Castiel, Castiel/Crowley

BROPT: Dean/Sam, Cas/Gabe

OT3: Dean/Castiel/Crowley

NOTP: Cas/Sam, Cas/Hannah, Dean/Lisa


embracetheyami-ness’ questions:

  1. Favorite fanfiction?

  2. Favorite book?

  3. Pets name(s)?

  4. Who inspires you?

  5. Favorite time of year?

  6. Favorite type of coffee?

  7. What scares you the most?

  8. Blog you check the most and why?

  9. Favorite Doctor and why?

  10. Favorite non-SPN actor/actress?

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I finished another book so it’s time for another Blind Book Giveaway!

  • You don’t need to be following me, I’m not doing this for followers I’m just doing this to share one of the many books that I love with someone else.
  • I will ship internationally!
  • Simply reblog this (as many times as you like) before April 8th!
  • Please tag at least one post with ‘bookgiveaway’ so that I can go on your blog and actually see if you still have it up (If you win). 

What the winner will receive all wrapped up in a cute little package!

  • A book! (The one I just finished and really liked)
  • A bookmark!
  • Some tea! 

So that’s it, simple as that! All you gotta do is reblog and cross your fingers! 

Part of New York based artist Robert The's Bookguns series.

"Obsession with the semiotic erosion of meaning and reality led me to create objects that evangelize their own relevance by a direct fusion of word and form. Books (many culled from dumpsters and thrift store bins) are lovingly vandalized back to life so they can assert themselves against the culture which turned them into debris." - Robert The 1995

I’d totally rather read. 😊
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