What: Story of the kids of Perdidio Beach, as they deal with the disappearance of adults from the town, an inability to leave the town and the fact that some of them are developing supernatural abilities.

Why: Cool storyline, amazing female characters (and gay characters in later books) and people with superpowers.[x]

Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury 

I am dying to read this book.  I think it would make an excellent first choice, as it’s is supposedly an excellent blending of fantasy (the current book genre) and horror.  
It has themes of good versus evil, and how each of us is to choose our fate.  I think it seemed really cool.  

It’s one of Bradbury’s works that many people (myself included) have probably not read.  I really think any chance to read Bradbury should be taken.  He’s an excellent writer, and this would give us a chance to read the recently departed author. 

Sci Fi/Fantasy recommendation.

As an English major, I feel contractually obligated to nominate a classic: Frankenstein.

Yeah, I know a lot of us were or are being made to read it in high school, and I know that just because something is called a classic doesn’t make it good, but it’s easy to get a hold of, is interesting to talk about in a variety of critical lights, and lends itself well to reading during a July thunderstorm.

Not to mention a book that practically spawned a new genre of literature, multiple classic horror films, and a fantastic Broadway musical, can’t be all bad. 

The idea of Bella falling asleep singing along to max volume screamo music is so dumb that it’s great. Charlie and Edward think Bella is so innocent and then all they see when they open Bella’s bedroom door is her muttering heavy metal lyrics in the lowest possible vocal pitch she can manage.

1. The Reader - Bernhard Schlink

2.  Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil: A Savannah Story - John Berendt

3. The Big Sleep - Raymond Chandler

4. The Bone Collector - Jeffrey Deaver 

5. The Surgeon - Tess Gerritsen 

Hi lovely friends,

A new month is approaching so it’s time to pick out a new book to read next month. You can vote on Goodreads , reblog, reply or just shoot me a message. Voting closes on May 1st 


looking for:

  • someone who loves reading books
  • basically a bookworm (or a book basilisk)
  • someone who is interested in reading books from different kinds of genre
  • someone who is able to read English-language books
  • someone who will be willing to participate a lot in discussions
  • someone who is a critical reader
  • someone who is open to trying different genres of books


  • you don’t have to be following me
  • you don’t even have to own a Tumblr account
  • also no need to reblog/like this post
  • you must, however, own a Goodreads account and regularly open it because that’s where the real activity happens
  • join the Goodreads group here
  • must be active and involved in the discussions
  • track the tag #bookbasilisksnet and follow our tumblr blog bookbasilisks for information and updates but most of the activity will happen in Goodreads

perks of joining this group/network:

  • meet new people all over the world!
  • we’ll choose a book (or two) to read together each month
  • and then discuss the book chosen
  • participate in discussions about what you thought about the month’s book and really analyse, criticise, and review each aspect of the book
  • explore different book genres you’ve never thought of reading before
nomadicwanders replied to your postAnyone else waiting for this book club thing, or…?

What book is being read in the book club?

Gone by Michael Grant.  We were supposed to read the first three chapter by today and then have a discussion, but I’m not seeing anything about the discussion happening.