Now come, you sons of Achaea, raise a song of triumph! Down to the ships we march and bear this corpse on high– we have won ourselves a great glory. We have brought magnificent Hector down, the man the Trojans glorified in their city liek a god!“

So he triumphed and now he was bent on outrage, on shaming noble Hector. Piercing the tendons, ankle to heel behind both feet, he knotted straps of rawhide through them both, lashed them to his chariot, left the head to drag and mounting the car, hoisting the famous arms aboard, he whipped his team to a run and brakneck on the flew holding nothing back. And a thick cloud of dust rose up from the man they dragged, his dark hair swirling round that head so handsom once, all tumbled low in the dust– since Zeus had given him over to his enemies now to be defiled in the land of his own fathers.

So his whole head was dragged down in the dust.

Korea Buys Creative Intelligence

I just learned that the Book 21 in Korea will pick up the translation rights and publish Creative Intelligence. That’s wonderful. Korea has spent tens of billions of dollars making itself more creative and innovative over the past decade. Samsung is poised to make the shift from Fast Follower to Creative Leader in consumer electronics. And Korea is home to the largest alumni of Parsons School of Design. Many of the concepts in the book were developed in my classes at Parsons which are filled with terrific students from Korea. It’s a good day.