Being bullied is a tricky thing. It always felt like I was suffocating - like a rope was wrapped tight around my neck. I never thought I would be the one to tie the knot, or even the one to kick away the chair. Life’s awful like that.
—  excerpt from a book I’ll never write, #7
The Unexpected Benefits of the Electronic Revolution

Colleague: You know what no one talks about when they talk about e-books replacing print books? Donations. Libraries won’t get donations anymore if no one is buying print!

Me: You mean people will no longer dump off their outdated books covered in stickers, writing, grime, and occasionally something red and sticky that may be old candy but could possibly be blood?

Quietly, to self: E-books! E-books! E-books!

"I am a writer" I say as I’m staring at the blank piece of paper for hours.

"I love writing" I say, grinding my teeth and breaking my pencil in half.

"Writing keeps me sane" I say, laughing like a maniac and spinning my head around 360 degrees while climbing up the wall.