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catwithabat asked:

what was the impending doom ;o; glad he was saved tho

He was going to die of starvation and lacked a proper nutrition [they were feeding him cow milk omfggg ugh] in the hands of his previous owners.

His eyes were really dirty and boogery too.

I am a cat napper.

One hundred and six

Back and forth and back and forth

Class, class, printed/emailed paper from last night

went to lunch with jubdig, his sister, and his aunt

salamandering took quicker than expected so ended up going to formal setup

home to shower and get ready with jubdig and evitwithimagination

Formal was well, it was our last formal and lots of things were going on but to be honest, most anything related to sorority is just stressing me out and doesn’t lead to much fun. that coupled with vague social drama

(disney classics were played all over that night which meant i had to keep my promise- which i did later on)

went to HEB to buy drinks, came back home, watched the newest SU with the two usual suspects


oh, and throughout setup and beyond my left eye got grossly red and eye-boogery. yuck.

Lava Lamps

(I mistakenly posted this on my main blog, didn’t realize until now that something was wrong!!)

I have a lava lamp in my bedroom. Nothing too special,just some yellow blobs of something floating around in a blue liquid, giving it all a sort of green glow. The lamp has been on for weeks, since the 16th of last month I think. The box said not lot have it on more than four hours or some rubbish, but I obviously am above the law! Sitting in my room at night about to sleep, I often watch the lava lamp bubble and move, the blobs of yellow-green boogery substance moving around serenely.

The above photo is a picture of my lovely lava lamp, alongside Mr.Pickle and Murdoc, the pickle man. There seems to be many-a pickle in my life.

It seems almost silly that I relate this lava lamp to jellies. But as most know, I am a somewhat silly person.

The way these booger blobs float around reminds me of the jellyfish, minus the ribbon-like tendrils of course. Slow moving, very serene, very calm.

This all reminds me of yet another song! I’m certain every blog post here will include a song, as well as my ramblings of something vaguely related to jellyfish, So this will not be a completely jelly-theme blog, but something more. Jellyfish included, of course! 

The song today would have to be Amber, by 311. It’s soothing and flowy, quite fitting I think. I’m listening to it right now, really such a beautiful song.

“Woah! Amber is the colour of your energy… Woah! Shades of colour display naturally, You wanna know what brings me here? Rainstorms, take me away from the norm…”

According to my hippie mother, telling someone that their aura is amber is quite the complement. I don’t understand it myself, but I take her word for it. Would a hippie lie to me? I hope not, that’s a scary thought.

Back on the topic of the lava lamp, I can see it now. It sped up a bot, the blobs moving uncharacteristically fast. I wonder why it does that sometimes, but looking it up on google seems like such a tedious task. I suppose it’ll remain one of the universe’s unexplained mysteries.

I love the movement of this beautiful item. The green and blue shifting of colours, the seamless blending of blobs. Seems like a perpetual cycle of beauty, in which I’m happy to endure. Such a satisfying sight to see. Maybe I just have a love of serene things, things that are blissfully uncaring of the rest of the world’s limitations. 

Until next time,


Sick but not as sick.

So ive been sick for a while.
As i’m coming off of my sickness, I start my period.
and I woke up to find, my eyeball all boogery.
What is this.
Please stop.
and i really hate the way mouths look when you cough. Gross.