My neighbor is outside arguing about the importance of a good “ass whooping” when it comes to keeping your man in “check”.

Apparently, if you want your man to respect you and love you and treat you right you have to put the “GODDAMN, MOTHERFUCKING FEAR OF GOD IN HIS ASS”.

I think she’s the next Dr. Phil in the making.


Boogah buggah adventure.

My best friend told about this burger place near us thats cheap and good. I was with my friend and she was craving for burger. I told her I know this burger place near our place that I haven’t tried, but I didn’t know the opening time. So we risked to go and see if its open. Lucky for us, it just opened. They usually opened around 3pm onwards. So we ordered their special Boogah burger. Inside it is a double patty and some toppings that’s really good. It cost around 150 and another one we ordered is Hungarian sausage which cost for 70 pesos. So it was so good and cheap. Another food place off my bucketlist.