Cinema Cisco

Chapter Four

Get ready, this is a big one. A real dream come true. Everyone said it was a bad idea. Caitlin, Barry, all of them. Oh well. You ready?

Cinema Cisco. BOOM. It finally happened. The first moderately successful movie night in the Pipeline. And it was the Weather Wizard’s first night too! Damn, I’m good. So, I’ve tried to rig up monitors in the cells like a million times but The Mist kept trying to kill me and Prism kept trying to whammy me. I mean, cut a guy some slack. I’m trying to give ya some entertainment, people. This time, though, I recruited a really cool, teleporting lady. Maybe you know her? Peek-a-boo (Shawna!) - I promised she could have peanut M&Ms in her popcorn if she would be my lookout while I set the scarier ones screens up. Btw, ew. M&Ms? I’m all about that sour patch and popcorn mix.

The screens were up, the metas all in their respective cells, it was almost perfect until Mr. Handsome Weather Wizard started boohooing my movie choice. Who doesn’t dig The Goonies? Chunk, Data, Mama Fratelli, Sloth!!! Murderous meta-humans. WW riled em up, screaming for a vote. I think he’s just bummed Barry caught him in what, like, three minutes? Not impressed.

But I still asked what Shawna would vote for. “Not the Goonies,” she said. My heart is broken. She went on that the movie doesn’t stand the test of time. I almost snagged back her popcorn. I’m out of love and… I’m back in. Yeah, I’m easy. All she had to do was offer me a seat and a bite of her popcorn concoction. Honestly, it wasn’t that bad.

I paused the movie with a plan. I didn’t want the movie night to be another disaster and the Weather Wizard wouldn’t shut his pie hole so I’d let them think they were choosing the film. All I had to do was stack the odds in The Goonies favor. They could choose between Goonies, Mean Girls, the Godfather part III, and Pearl Harbor. Easy, right? Nope. They chose Mean Girls. Literally, every single one of them. Prism drew an explanation point as well as a very detailed rendering of me holding a piece of the tiara from the ending. I left him for like two seconds, tops! Oh, and I’m definitely hanging this in my living room. I look powerful.

I popped the movie in, prepared for more mayhem and hijinks from the metas, but instead a magical thing happened – everyone was silent, engaged, and dare I say happy. The best part was after Mean Girls, when I did my usual rounds, no one tried to murder me. Now I just gotta figure out the next movie choice. Was Tina Fey the key to their viewing pleasure or was it Lindsay Lohan? Should I try to stream that Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt show or whack them with a double dose of Lohan in the Parent Trap? Either way, Cinema Cisco will return.

Till next time, remember - 

Will Watching: Nico’s Favorite Pastime

For mrsolearysayswoaf​ who says: I’m shipping solangelo pretty hard these days. Thanks for the hugs, bb! Do you have an account on Ao3 so I can gift it to you there?

"Oh man," Will says, gripping a huge turkey sandwich with both hands. "You’re a lifesaver." He takes a bite so large he can barely close his mouth to chew, his blue eyes twinkling at Nico, the dimples in his cheeks showing as he finishes and swallows.

His throat is long, Adam’s apple bobbing, his lips bright and shiny as he licks stray mustard from them. Nico could do this all day, watch Will eat his lunch. Will clears his throat.

Nico blinks. “Huh? What?”

Will smiles again, his cheeks pink. “Nothing … uh, did you make it yourself, the sandwich?”

Nico feels his cheeks blush too. The truth is that he had made the sandwich. It was his favorite from childhood – turkey and panini – and Bianca had taught him how to make it so he could surprise their mother for her birthday. He must have been six or seven at the time. He hadn’t remembered that until just now. He nods in answer to Will’s question, not trusting himself not to sound emotional if he speaks.

Will seems to read it in his face anyway, but thankfully doesn’t mention it. Nico’s slowly returning memories from his distant past have been something he wasn’t comfortable sharing with anybody, not until Will coaxed him to talk during his initial three day stay in the infirmary.

Will hums contentedly and wipes his mouth with his napkin, then pushes his plate to the side of the infirmary desk, and Nico realizes he missed watching Will finish eating. It’s stupid, really, this new fascination. Fortunately, he doesn’t think Will has caught on to exactly why Nico enjoys bringing him lunch.

"I have just the thing for dessert," Will says. He has that tone in his voice, like he’s about ready to make a joke and Nico narrows his eyes.


Will gets to his feet, his ridiculous flip flops smacking the floor as he walks to the refrigerator in the corner. Thankfully, he opens the freezer because they keep bags of blood and other creepy medical things in the fridge portion, and despite being the son of Hades, Nico isn’t keen on eating something stored in the same place as blood.

Will returns with a thin narrow wrapped package in each hand. He hands one to Nico and peels the wrapper off the other. “Popsicles!” Will says and sucks the cherry red thing into his mouth, holding onto the stick. Nico stares and Will pulls it free, his lips stained bright red. “Go on. You can’t tell me you’ve never had a popsicle.”

He shakes his head and unwraps his own, more to distract himself from blushing further than because he wants it. Will is either clueless to the fact he’s sending Nico’s stomach into a flurry of nerves or he’s more clever than Nico gave him credit for and he knows exactly why Nico likes to bring him lunch and watch him eat it. Will licks his popsicle from the base to the tip, smirking at Nico before popping it back in his mouth.

Will Solace, Nico realizes, just might be the death of him.

i dont even need to wear sunscreen because one direction throws so much shade

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First of all, you are amasing. And do you guys see Leo often? If so, I love him !!

Leo… Leo is… You  have to know, but Leo gave his life to save all of us, to give us the chance to win… Leo is… Leo is dead… We wont see him again… - Percy

…As I said… I’m quite not sure about that. - Nico 

Nico please… Be respectful… - Percy

No I mean… I told you before that I had this kind of power, to feel when someone is passing out. I kinda know if someone I love or someone I care is about to die… And… I don’t feel it for Leo. I told you about it before. - Nico

There Is No Such Thing As A Gentle Wind

This is for hopeydopey-yo who says: I’m multishipper trash and there’s very little I don’t ship from those books, but I must admit I’ve been feeling a lack of Jasico on my dash lately…

Jasico - Rated T

Jason tossed and turned in his bunk. The night was hot and the sticky sweet smell of the incense the cleaning harpies burned in his cabin was so thick it coated his throat. He’d found the bed in the big house basement and Percy had helped him set it up, but no matter where he dragged it in cabin One, he felt like the eyes of the giant hippy Zeus statue were on him, judging him. 

Despite Nico’s reassurance that he’d chosen to stay at camp, Jason wondered how long it would last. He wondered too how much of himself wanting Nico to stay was in Nico’s best interest or his own, more selfish wishes. Try as he might to squash the thoughts that crept through his brain, like tendrils of ivy, they thrived in his grey matter and were impossible to kill.

Nico. Gay. The memory of Favonius chiding him. Yes, Jason Grace. I fell in love with a dude. Does that shock you? The way the god of the West Wind had said that, sarcastic, like he was reading the truth in Jason’s soul and calling him on it. But Nico had admitted to having feelings for Percy, not for him.

He buried his face under his pillow, cursing himself for even going there. Nico didn’t need Jason making a mess of things and playing with his emotions. The whole thing was a mess.

He stopped. Breathed deeply. The sensation of eyes on him made his body hair stand on end. His heart stopped in his throat, adrenaline kicking in. He closed his hand around the gold coin that was his sword, ready to flip it and sat up, flinging the pillow before him, eyes blind in the darkness. “Who’s there?”

A shape stepped toward him from the giant statue of Zeus, short, dark, silent. Nico.

"Having trouble sleeping, Grace?" Nico asked as Jason raked his hand back through his hair, his heart racing now that the fear of attack had passed.

"Er – yeah. I guess. What are you doing here?"

Nico came closer, stopping short beside where Jason sat on the edge of the bed. “Can I sit?”

"Yeah … sure," Jason said, mentally chastising himself for being reduced to short responses by Nico’s presence.

Nico sat beside him, his legs stretched out and crossed at the ankle, his hands in his lap. “I had a visitor. In a dream. He said there was some unfinished business I should discuss with you.”

Jason shifted, suddenly all too aware of the fact he was only wearing his boxers. He furrowed his brow and met Nico’s dark eyes. They were huge in his pale face. They’d probably look even larger if he had his glasses on and could see them clearly. He swallowed, his throat going dry. “Yeah? Who uh … who was the visitor?”

"Favonius," Nico said and Jason’s heart stuttered again, more of Nico’s past phrases ringing in his ears. How much do you trust me?

Oh gods. He was going to have to face it. He knew for sure and certain, Wind gods – all of them – sucked.

like i know i have a lot more dimensions irl but people on here gas me sooo much and then i get no love when im logged off so im wondering if im doing something different that makes me more likable on here??? im not that good at taking photos of myself so i dont think im a catfish or anything? i laugh really loud all the time? mayb thats it hmm i have plenty of friends irl and i get along w people but no one ever tells me im pretty and no one ever expresses any romantic interest in me irl :/ ive yet to meet anyone that deserves me but still. e-gas can only get me so far i want something real