So yesterday..

I had such an amazing time yesterday with a group of kids I haven’t hungout or seen in 3 years! We saw Dr. Dog live and kept on dancing, even when it rained! I kept wishing the night would never end..I blend with them so well. It felt so right :) I also met an awesome 22 y.o. guy named Oscar outside a bar who genuinly loved Radiohead just as much as I do and maybe a lil more!! He talked about how he’d gone to Bonoroo & he let me drink from his ice tea-alcohol thing even tho I’m underage haha!Fun times. :) Oscar invited me to a cook out tomorrow and I might even go!

  • I can't sleep tonight, so question of the day.
  • With Bonoroo over for the year, if you were hired to look for next years headliner band, who would you choose? Personally, I think Empire of The Sun would be an awesome choice given their unique vocals and style that seem to match.

I had the fortuitous moment of stumbling across the South by South-West (SXSW) blog today and what a find. The writing is impeccable and the festival seems to be yet again another perfect example of human sweatyness and musical love-ins. My desire to participate in such an even, even one like it, knows no bounds. It clearly hasn’t heard too many cheesy lines about potential or any of that bollocks. It simply seemed fanastic, shame about Paul McCartny’s presence. 

But, from this blog, I found SXSW radio and it’s full of new and old talents alike in talnet and beauty with out letting it sound too hipsterish by filling it with too many grand claims like the NME prefers to do sometimes. And yet I continue to buy it (well I say buy) but honestly, I’M NO HISPTER! HONEST!

P.S. Something I find really weird, in tumblr, the word blog is not recognised….