Sorry, on Vacation
  • Manager:*sighs* Today's Mike's day-off... Better check on the animatronics! *enters the stage* Hey there Freddy---
  • *the animatronics are not around*
  • Manager:Freddy? *looks around* Chica?? Bonnie??? *goes to the Pirate Cove* Foxy???? Not you too! Where are they... *sees a note*
  • "Ahoy, Manager! This sea dog's off to tell ye that me and me crew had followed me first mate's trail to the great blue! Have fun without us! Sincerly.... Foxy."
  • Manager:*crumples paper* SCHMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDT!!!!!
  • *at the beach*
  • Mike:*is getting his tan on*
  • Freddy:(Will he even notice us?)
  • Chica:(I'm not sure, he's not even looking at us.)
  • Bonnie:(Oh come on, we're at the beach! Let's have fun!)
  • Foxy:(Aye, Bonnie's right, mateys!)
  • Mike:.... You sick motherfuckers....
FNAF 2 Bonnie Voice (RieBread) by - AppleJoosh and RieBread -