Five nights at freddy’s i gueeessss????

A “special” pic for the little pervs, to celebrate the 1056 followers! ! it was fast!! I still remember when I wanted to erase this blog after the first post…lol

I’m sorry if I can’t respond all the questions I still have much questions but I’ll take a little break

thank you so much for your support!! <33 Hope you like it!

I'm going to talk about how much I loved today's episode (with plenty of screencaps)

Even if the PV judging was totally rigged and probably bought with Pokepuffs DO YOU PEOPLE NOT HAVE EYES

It had its moments and of course there’s never enough Nerd (next week should be better) but the fact that there’s character development going on always gets me all fired up


see it’s coming in handy already

Anyway, I’m sure the parallels between the flashback scene where Ash and Serena met initially at camp and the scene in this episode where they fell into the ravine thingy are probably already discussed somewhere and stuff and they’re obvious anyway so I’m going to skip that…. But I do want to talk (mostly) about the same scene for other reasons……


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