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Markiplier’s Fails in FnaF.


Uhm soooo the anatomy on PB giving Marcy a lap dance is WAY OFF! (heads are so big but i did it with pen and no sketch involved so whatever i let the doodle do its thang) and i have a shitty camera i need an iphone or something (i wish the car that ran over my phone on the first day of school actually broke my phone but NOOOOOO my otter back saved it and not a crack)

A last one is pb scolding marcy for whatever reason

"Oh mein Gott! Marceline du Dummkopf!" (Oh my god marceline you fool!)

I want to do a good copy of these doodles and make them an actual piece.

anonymous said:

For the FNAF prompt: Bonnie is asked by a group of kids why he has a girls name if he's a boy.

Ah, one of the wonders the FNAF fandom has yet to experience or find out about. I like where this is going.

"Who’s your favorite, Caitlyn?"

"Eh, I don’t know..Maybe Chica. Her pizza is REALLY good, and I like her voice…”

"My favorite’s Freddy. He’s just too awesome."

"Well…I’m more onto Bonnie. I mean, her guitar rocks!"

The children stopped talking as they turned to give their friend a look. He tilted his head in confusion. Did….he say something wrong?

"Bonnie’s not a girl, Jack," One of the kids crossed their arms, giving him a smirk. The others laughed at his mistake.

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Mom: Tash whatre you still doing up? Go to bed!

Me: Cant you see im busy reading this long lesbian fanfiction based on a children’s cartoon!?

*by the time im done reading*

Me: Oh shit when did it become 12:00 a.m?

Friend i was texting: 4 minutes ago

Me: It was 11 a bit ago ;__;

Friend i was texting: 64 minutes ago

(i was reading Pray for the Preachers Daughter by the way (Bubbline AU). I like how slow it is. I usually dont like to read ongoing stories for fear that the author wont finish them but i made an exception to this one for some reason)

You know, with how much Bonnie seems to love Pokemon and how she seems to understand extremely well how a Pokemon feels and can relate to it’s emotions on a personal level to help them out, I can kinda see her wanting to go into the Connoisseur business one day and want to hone those particular skills of hers. Maybe she could become Cilan’s apprentice one day XP

Once Upon a Dream AU (Authors Note)

So since a lot of people like my screenshot of Bonnie & Damon. I will continue it. But I will follow my original storyline & start from the beginning. Since I have a lot of Klayley fans, Klaus & Hayley would be part of the story.

All I’m asking is for sometime. I’m a collage student with a lot of homework & I don’t want to slack. I will try to post screenshots every weekend, and Youtube videos every 2-3 weeks. If I don’t post anything I will double it next post.

Please check out my Bonnie & Damon AU //Once Upon a Dream video if you haven’t. Comment & subscribe to my YouTube channel.


Hear me out

I had this idea where all of the FNaF characters were in a fighting game, and they all had movesets from Guilty Gear. 

So, Bonnie would have I-No’s moveset, seein’ as though he has a guitar! 

So I drew this :D 

I have other idea’s where the other chars, like Freddy would be Axl and use his microphones instead of chained sickles.

Chica would be Jam

Foxy would be Chipp Zanuff. 

Ugh, so much to draw right now…

Chuck would be May >w>