YES! like my personal rants and stuff and just like a relief method. its on here just like password protected, i got the idea from what you did a couple years back! i miss you! love you julz!♥

  1. bonjouryoulee said: Was is incredibly hard? I dropped with a w :( but I asked the prof if I can keep attending class to get the notes for next semester for the next time I try :(

Well, I was out of school for 5 years before starting vet school, and I’ll tell you memorizing mass amounts of things is very difficult for me now!  This is considered the most intense semester, so it’s not surprising I’ve struggled.  And I suck at studying, so some of it is definitely my own issue.  It also sucks that my school uses an 8-point grading scale, so a 74 is the cutoff for passing.

It’s definitely doable, but you have to get your studying schedule down and not underestimate it!

So I have this scar..
A LOT of people won’t ask me about it until they get to know me.. I feel like people would think its a touchy subject but in reality it pretty much means nothing to me.

My devil cousin (only a year older than me) grabbed my face with anger when we were toddlers & with his nail he punctured my skin & swept it across my face. I hold no hard feelings because we were kinds.. & in reality I don’t mind this indentation on my face.

My face has tons of scars.. (chicken pox) mainly and VERY many birth marks.

Honestly I’m not about to say that corny line “scars are what makes you, you) but really.. It is. I’ve never wished I never had it.. It’s just something I’ve always had.. & maybe in the figure I’ll put ointments to make it less noticeable but as for now ehhh. Scarfaceee UU A Ah!!

Yeah, story of the day.


So I AM usually into MOST infomercials although i NEVER get anything. I like to watch because sometimes they are convenient and sometimes plain dumb.


heres a picture of before and after. swear, it works! i mainly use them for my comforters & thats pretty much it. It saves me a lot of space & they are inexpensive.

i got 3 LARGE ones at Ross for 6.99.

really easy! & VERY useful.

well, that is all!

thank you for your time!

peace, passion, balance, & art!