You know why I like the dance scene so much? Because it’s a beautiful metaphor of what their lives have been together.

When they first meet, both Booth & Brennan tried to force the other into their own direction. Booth intended to pull Brennan in by showing her kindness and gentleness, while Brennan wanted to do the same with him but using logic and rationality instead. When they were rehearsing their dance something similar happened, as they both compited to impose their own ideas and make the other one give in. At the end they decided to concede and dance as a true pair, finding a point of balance in order to reach their goal. They did the same thing at their professional and personal life, they realised they had to learn from the other and accept their differences if they ever wanted their partnership to work, and eventually their relationship. To sum things up, they learned how to dance together through life, that’s why Booth says: “It’s never gonna end, it’s always gonna be just like this” (x)

I don’t think Angela gets enough credit for helping Brennan grown as a person. Sometimes I think people like to give it all to Booth. It can be argued that Angela was just as important. Maybe even more so. It’s one of the reasons I miss some of the earlier seasons. Angela and Brennan were so great and that friendship and bond was beautiful to witness. She really is truly one of the most important people in Brennan’s life. I would like it acknowledged some more.


There are those who think that I’m strange, they would box me up and tell me to change, but you hold me close and softly say that you wouldn’t have me any other way.

lol, season 6 after ‘The Daredeveil in the Mold’ is like a whole different season to me. 

The tone is just completely different after that and actually watchable *ahem* :p

It’s amazing how much I can’t stand the first half but then positively LOVE the second half- seriously, I adore that second period of season 6 so much (bar one episode that I do not speak of *cough*feetonthebeach*cough* lol).

Then again, the reason why isn’t exactly rocket science, haha.

Keeping with its Monday tradition, FOX has just released some promotional stills for Bones’ third episode this season, titled “The Purging in the Pundit.” It’s airing on Thursday, October 9th at 8/7c.

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