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ok repeat after me:

killing animals is wrong

however using things like bones, teeth and pelts from an already dead animal (who has died of being hunted OTHER ANIMALS or natural causes???

that is fine

i get that bonewitches and jewellery makers and all a matter of wonderful people do this and it’s okay to do it!!

(and you’re NOT a hypocrite if you do this and don’t eat meat - that’s called a personal choice)

had my goatboy cut the humerous end out of our lamb shoulder roast before it got seasoned & shoved in the oven

he asked why and I just continued to quietly slice garlic and glance at my bottles on the windowsill, at which point he said “you want it for reasons?” … “yep, because reasons” “okay then”

I have a good partner :3 Now lets hope the maceration jar doesn’t smell TOO badly and he won’t mind it hanging out the window for the next month or so…

Bonecraft - игровая порно-пародия на Starcraft и World of Warcraft

От создателей Bonetown, первая полноценная игровая порно-пародия. Орки сражаются с космическими морпехами за секс с эльфийками.

У порнопародистов сейчас вообще золотой сезон, вот и по The Simpson порно сняли. Но игровая - это что-то новенькое.

Original Article

…apartment is surely big enough for one tiny little dearly departed birdie? Surely. Poor little mite shouldn’t stay out in the road like that. I can rescue its little head over lunch hour, if it hasn’t become something’s lunch or suffered the same flattened fate as the rest of the remains by then.

Del is developing a bones problem.

Yup, little buddy was still out there, next to the rail bridge arches. Not much foot traffic over there, nor much clue as to what those tiny black lumps are for those who don’t bother to see anyway. Might as well have scooped up a small rock or broken piece of tarmac.

Left a few coins under one of the arches as a sort of crossroads offering before I checked the road, rescued the starling, and headed back to work under another arch - where I passed a wall painting I hadn’t seen before, depicting a druid with what looks like a starling on his shoulder. It could be raven-sized, but then why would there be white speckles deliberately used on the wings & body?

Guess Bermondsey’s okay with me taking this one home, then. They’ll ride in my fleece-lined pocket, where they’ll be safe from damage & cozy warm.