I made this remix of Katy Perry’s “Birthday” and Adele’s “Skyfall.”

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Monday Day 1: Favorite Arc x Bonds

Hunter x Hunter week!

I think Greed Island was probably my favorite arc. It was just so adorable and they were happy, being all best-friendy and stuff. Gon got the idea to make Rock Paper Scissors into a special attack, Killua became an electric eel and the-arc-which-must-not-be-named had yet to ruin my life. What’s not to love?

Typical conversation with me and my roommate
  • Me:Hey don't talk to me I have a three page essay due tomorrow and I've procrastinated enough
  • Roommate:Okay
  • *five minutes later*
  • Me:*talks about the meaning of life*
  • Roommate:Uhm don't you have a paper to write due tomorrow
  • Me:Yeah
  • Roommate:Well shut the fuck up and quit talking to me!
  • Me:Fuck you!
  • Roommate:Fuck you too now shut up and write your damn paper you fuckhead
  • Me:Fine you dickwad

Jess and Dean would totally be best buds and the kind of people to swap stories about Sam (embarrassing or not) right in front of him and he’d get all flustered, tell them to knock it off, they both suck—don’t you dare tell that one, don’t even—, guys c’mon, are you kidding me no, I’m leaving bye, but he’d totally love it and duck his head and try to hide his big, stupid grin.

"No female character because lol" said Ubisoft.

Bless you, Resident Evil. Bless you Capcom. I used to bitch about your poor plots and awkward character development but. you gave. us two. female. main. characters.

And one of them is Claire. CLAIRE. CLAIRE REDFIELD.

And so far it even looks like a survival horror.


          quiet & fidgety, as he stands in the doorway.
          it’s late; and even if he tries not to, jason’s pretty
          sure bruce would try and go parental on him and
          tell him he should be asleep.

          so he beats him to it.

          ” … i can’t sleep. “

the viennese waltz, part two (00Q)

part one

“Bloody bastard,” Q spat.  A woman next to him startled at his outburst and asked her companion, just this side of too loud, didn’t that boy have the slightest sense of common decency?

Q resisted the urge to tell her that there was absolutely nothing decent about what he did, and that he could, if he so desired, reduce Buckingham Palace to a pile of smoldering rubble within two minutes and anyone who so much as suspected his involvement would have their work cut out for them when it came to tracking him down.  With a curt nod that he hoped channeled one of Bond’s surlier attitudes, Q made his way back into the crowd.

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