“In [Vladimir Putin]’s first terms, he did things to the Russian economy that looked like he was using a cheat code. If he’d left after that, he’d have gone down as one of the most beloved leaders in Russian history. … Unfortunately, he’s less likely to leave than the Urals. Treating the constitutional law against more than two consecutive presidential terms as a minor technicality, Putin and Dmitry Medvedev swapped the presidency and prime ministership back and forth like mix tapes until Putin was president again, then extended the length of the presidential term from four years to six. Medvedev vigorously denied that he was a puppet, but political observers notice that his mouth still twitches every time Putin moves his hand.”

7 Signs That Vladimir Putin Has Become a Bond Villain


Tom Hardy as a James Bond villain 

Trust me, I know your links James, and they all like me better than you. I’m going to enjoy watching you see the world burn.”