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I'm completely confused on what dressgate is about, can you clarify it in some way? D: The best I can get is people arguing over colors??


this dress is being perceived EITHER as white with gold stripes or blue with black stripes. in a philosophical sense, neither are wrong: the image is affected by unusual lighting and possible filters. however, because of numerous factors, such as monitor type, eyes adjusting to lower light environments, and more, no one is quite able to agree on what it actually is, and many are even claiming it changes back and forth

the truth is, it’s a blue dress with black stripes:

the image on the left has had its brightness altered and the filter has been meddled with, so it appears more like the right picture, which is the actual bona fide original dress as far as anyone can ascertain.

however, the internet has not caught up to this so friendships are being destroyed and governmental institutions are crumbling as a result, so that Y2K shelter your weird uncle built may finally have some use yet