blogquantumreality answered: Heh! When I saw this I was like “wha?!” as well. Took a while to warm up to Robin. Also, TBH I nearly quit watching OP completely because I felt so cheated, what with Oda pushing the limits of Disney deaths to nearly the breaking point.

Yeah, I think I’m still at that point, to be honest. If Oda explains how Pell survived, I might be cool with it, but right now… man, I wrote an entire post about his beautiful death! Dammit, Oda! xD

xxmari4869xx said: there was that moment in the catacombs where robin is lying back & preparing to die, where she says “my dream just had too many enemies” i think having a current dream should have been the clue in retrospect. also this bit of history shes after is very important & has more repercussions for the world than namis map. nico robin has the most important dream probably

Oooh, so the history is really important? I am now hyped to see what it could mean. I wonder if it’s connected to the Will of D? (I am beginning to be obsessed with the Will of D).

jakem-10 answered: The fanbase is actually quite divided on the situation of Pell’s “death”. It’s more a matter of Oda’s writing style than anything. He dislikes killing off characters because he wants his readers to look forward to that characters future.

I don’t mind Oda’s motivation. I hate killing off characters too, but if I hate killing them off, I wouldn’t pretend to kill them in the first place. Or at least not in such a spectacular manner. Actually, now I think about it, it’s not even the reset button thing that bothered me. I’ve seen it so often in DBZ and Naruto (I did actually stop reading Naruto during the Pain Invasion arc). It’s that I cannot think of a logical way for Pell to have survived that explosion. It shattered my suspension of disbelief. It’s that more than anything. If Oda explains how Pell survived, I’d be cool with it. Maybe… xD

saisai-chan answered: like xxmari4869xx earlier, Robin’s dream is probably the most important dream in the plot, aside from Luffy’s, haha. but yeah, it takes some time to warm up to her.

I have my tinfoil hat firmly on my head and am now coming up with loads of daft theories. I hope there are no prophecies involved, though. That tired plot device completely ruined Naruto and Harry Potter for me.

x-chick303 answered: Robin was the ultimate red herring. But don’t worry, I think you’re going to like Robin. Anyway, what did you think of the “We miss Vivi” scene and that part at the beginning showing all the crew met in the desert?

That scene was adorable and it made me sad. I guess that’s another reason why I didn’t warm to Nico Robin. The crew missed Vivi, were hoping for Vivi, and got Nico Robin. I must have missed the scene at the beginning showing all the crew met in the desert. Maybe I skipped too far? I was paranoid about spoiling myself with the title of 130.

tempus-nexus answered: So, you remember when you joked that Zoro and Chopper found the ending to One Piece on a rock in the desert? Now you know why we were so upset about it - they pretty much did exactly that.

Whaaaaaaat? So my joke was not a joke but a legit canon thing? My mind is blown. xD  (Seriously hoping there is no prophecy element to OP, though…)

inexchangeforyoursoul answered: There was one more scene when she showed interest in Luffy- when she bailed his ass outta the sand at Rainbase. Idek how I reacted to this episode as I’ve seen it first about 8 years ago… but I probably didn’t dwell on it much as a young teen. (Not sure you should read tempus-nexus’ reply on this one btw. I’m not 100% certain, but… they are referring to information/connections which have not been mentioned yet as far as I can remember.)

Argh, I already read it. Don’t worry, though. I kind of guessed from everyone’s reactions at the time that I had blundered into accuracy through a daft joke on a filler episode. xD And good call about the moment she bailed his ass out the sand. I forgot that one.

hylidahlia answered: Hahaha, oh goodness, Darling, when you get current, you absolutely MUST go back and read through all your old posts because these are solid gold! Nico Robin, as we have always hinted, is a complicated woman. (and yeah, Pell kinda got cheated imo)

I guess you are also one of the people who preferred Pell to have exited stage left in his noble, glorious death, rather than being brought back again. As I said to blogquantum and jakem-10, I can deal with that. I just cannot believe he survived that explosion. Suspension of disbelief is important - even in something like OP.

blogquantumreality answered: Some romanizations render his name as Bon Kurei, which may help in your Googling, as my Google-fu for Japanese holidays is weak.

jakem-10 answered: Bon Clay, or Bon Kurei, is meant to represent the holiday which every operative couple has. Being both he has both the number and the holiday in his name. Bon Kurei apparently refers to a night during the Bon/Obon festival. Wikipedia has an article.

hylidahlia answered: The consensus is that “bon kurei” is a specific night during the bon festival, but it seems like I saw a better explanation once which I must confess I am currently unable to locate

Thanks, guys. Bon Kurei night, eh? I’ll take a look at the Wikipedia articles and Google some. I know nothing about the festival. Who knew OP was educational? xD