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Is it “oh wee oh” or “oh ee oh” or something else?


My chapbook, The Fallacy Carriers of Bombyonder, is part of The Chapbook, No. 3 (edited by Alan May). It’s kind of a sampler of my novel, Bombyonder, which hopefully will come out later this year.

No. 3 includes fiction, poetry, screenplays, and art. Other works included are Errol, Inland by Susannah Felts, Body by Corey Mesler, Algunos Mirrors by John M. Bennett, and Six Screenplays on the Nature of Collective Experience by Steven Wingate. Artwork by Volodymyr Bilyk.

It’s available both in print and free online.

Bombyonder at APR & God Damsel Now Available as Ebook

Some selections from Bombyonder are in the July/August issue of the American Poetry Review:

What needed to be done needed to be done and this now would be a time for a renovation, reboot, an inspirational quote, pee break, an appointment and attention to that which still needed our attention.

The things that we lost: a feather, an orb, parrot, cat, donkey, status, privacy, Heath Ledger, our lice.

Reflection brought the freeze, I looked and it all stopped, I counted, I cried, I preserved, I slept, I woke practically a reptile.


In this issue there’s also work by Lucia Perillo, Denise Duhamel, Charlie Smith, Marcus Jackson, W.S. Merwin, Amy Gerstler, Mira Rosenthal, Jennifer Grotz, Tony Hoagland, Lesley Valdes, Grant Clauser, Arielle Greenberg, Amy Small-McKinney, Bhisham Bherwani, Pamela Sutton and Laurence Lieberman.

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God Damsel is now available as an ebook at Barnes & NobleSmashwords and Amazon. Only $4.99.

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MC Lyte - Lyte as a Rock


Collage by Lynn Behrendt

Excerpts from my novel, Bombyonder, appear in Issue #6 of PEEP/SHOW (along with work by Amaranth Borsuk & Kate Durbin, Chris Piuma, Michael Ruby, Keiko Sono, Tom Beckett, j/j hastain, Nance Van Winckel, Anna Elena Ayre, Michael Peters, Cheyenne Nimes, Anselm Berrigan, Geof Huth and Dorothy Albertini).

Here’s a sample:

On this meeting with this particular ancestor named Carry, I was surprised by her mask and its thickness. Hardly a way in or out. Not at all clownish but with brown scales, leather and bolts.

How strange to hear her speak through the clamp for a mouth and to be seen through her single tiny eyehole. How muffled her words sounded through the barriers. How uncomfortable to know she cried behind that foulness not because it was foul, but for the sake of her brother, an accused molester of the vulnerable.

Trouble with the law. There’s always so much trouble with laws for this family.

Who did this to you?

“The women and children, like they always do, their cruel, perverted imaginations that they just can’t keep to themselves. They have to share, and share for years, they whisper and then they group together and then they testify and allow it all to go down as record. They perverted it all, smote his perfect legacy.”

No, I mean who put that mask on you? Why are you still wearing it? What is behind it?

“My brother placed it on me, for my salvation. He’s my protector. There are so many terrible women and children spouting their wretched tales, repeating and publicizing. They let nothing go! What lies behind this mask hasn’t yet been penetrated. So little left that hasn’t been penetrated. My face is one of the last pure bastions.”

You can hardly see or speak through that mask and it smells like your skin is decaying under there.

“Yes, the decay keeps me safe. Frightens away the children and many of the women too. No one is going to scavenge me for their depraved narratives. Forever I remain unmolested.”

But her corpsed-face remained unmolested no longer.

Because now I was there, smelling it, imagining its appearance, inventing my memories.

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Tumblr Housekeeping

Since last year I’ve been using this Tumblr as scratch paper for ideas/drafts for my novel-in-progress, Bombyonder. From here on out, I’ll be shifting Psychic Memoir to a more general personal blog. During April, I’ll be posting poems for NaPoWriMo. After that, we’ll see.

I started a Tumblr specific to Bombyonder here. There I’m posting a selection of reconstructed memory and historical fragments that appear in and/or influence the novel. In in some ways it’s a never ending project.

Also, the Bibliomancy Oracle is on Tumblr. As of this writing, there are over 1400 prophecies. I add new ones each week. If you’re interested in following the new prophecies as I add them, you can follow that too. Or you can just go straight to the oracle and ask away.