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Seeing as this is the first post, I though I would share something close to my heart: music. This is Bombay by El Guincho on the album Pop Negro. I’ve been listening to the album for the past few weeks. Even though I know no spanish whatsoever, I enjoy the style of this album. Electronic Samba sould be one way to describe it. The video is odd to say the least, if not enjoyable. I’ll just share the music for now.

Where will this project go?

(The pics below is part of my favourite naive artworks.)

The topic has been changed by myself for at least 4 times, hope I don’t have to change the title and avatar again… (feeling exhausted) Now let me try to convince myself how will this project work.

* by Edivaldo Barbosa de Souza - WORKS:

By studying Naïvism, this project aimed at exploring the divergent applications we can get from Naïve artworks, such as:

1 - artwork creation (minimalism, expressionism or surrealism…)
2 - character design (illustration or animation)
3 - art education (both for children and adults)
4 - idea promotion (publication or advertisement)
5 - artistic theraphy etc.

* by Camille Bombois - WIKI:

The expectative outcome/formate might be:

1 - systematically presents the recent academic theory in this field.(Literary reading)
2 - analyse different categories of methods to create Naïve art. (Artworks study)
3 - Naïve art pratical application (research - as above).
4 - A case experiment about what and how we can do with Naïve art, compare the ideality and reality of the project.  (Project)
5 - Further assumption of where Naïve art will go.

* by Livia Coloji - WORKS:

But so far, I still have many problems:

1 - It is too broad for a single project, maybe I should focus on a specific aspect. >>> Even thought the “practical application” part sounds have some insights, maybe I can choose one of them as my orientation. Such as: (1) The metaphor in Naive art. (2) Surrealism in Naive art. (3) Characters in Naive art. etc. But it needs deeper research, as well as a proper evaluation of academic ability, and how I can put it into practice by a feasible project.

2 - Naive art is more about “painting” than “design”, I need a kind of “transformation”. >>> A recreation of Naïve art can be a choice. It can be (1) a series of vector graphics, focusing on character developing for illustration/animation, which can be of divergent use for further development. (2) a series of motion graphics with a collage style, focusing on the layout and mixture of a wide range of elements, putting Naive art into contemporary digital art. (3) a video animation “the introduction of Naive art”……….-_-///etc.

3 - How should I integrate the “topic” with “project” tightly, and if possible, with higher practical value?

* by Rafael Saldaña - INFO:


Okay I stuck again now. Let’s appreciate some naive arts above……….