To those who don’t know yet, Saudi Arabia created a coalition (comprised of Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Sudan, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Pakistan) began bombing Yemen yesterday, and there are talks of a full ground invasion in the coming days. Right now people are terrified for their lives, people are losing their homes, their loved ones, access to food and water. Many civilians have already been killed. Please pay attention to Yemen. Don’t stand by and silently ignore yet another country being bombed into nothingness. Not again. Give the Yemeni people all of your support, your prayers, your solidarity, keep them in your thoughts. Do not let their suffering go uncared for and unnoticed. I know you all would care if it were your streets that were on fire, or your homes turned to rubble.


World Piece bath bomb is beautifully fragranced. It smells of sweet grapefruit, orange, and pomelo; tingly menthol and eucalyptus; and fresh pine. By far a favorite Lush scent, uplifting and crisp. Since the ballistic I used was made in late 2013, the scent didn’t translate well with water or skin, but I would buy a fresh one in a heartbeat.

World Piece is a beautiful earth-looking bomb; mine paled in color due to age. Upon contact with water the initial layer dissolved quickly and the stronger colors were shone, leaving the bath a gorgeous, intense turquoise/green color. Once again, because mine was expired, the fizzing process was sad and it wasn’t as softening as a fresh one would be. However, it still didn’t dry out my skin. I definitely plan on buying several new ones should they become available.


Saudi bombing operation leaves dozens dead in Yemen


Golden Egg Review

This seasonal bath bomb was a real treat! It smelled of toffee, vanilla and honey, but once I put it in the bath, some light floral scents came out. I was expecting a golden/orange bath like Dragon’s Egg, but it turned out very yellow instead. 

This one reminded me of Phoenix Rising, because it was a slow fizzer (15 minutes, I timed it!), foamy, and very moisturizing. In the fifth picture, you can see some of the pools of oil from the coca butter on the surface of the water. I don’t have dry skin, so it was too much for me. It left me feeling oily and even though I washed up afterwards, my skin is still very moisturized. 

And of course, the glitter! There was a lot of it, and it was constantly shimmering in the water. None was left on my skin but I am sure that’s because I washed up after bathing. 

Cleanup was very easy. I briefly rinsed my tub with the shower head and that was adequate. 

I don’t know if I would purchase again, but only because it is too moisturizing for my skin type. Even still, this was a fun product and I’m glad Lush released it this season! If you have the chance to buy one, I’d recommend it.