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I'm a big fan of keeping what our military is doing a closer secret when it comes to foreign policy. John Bolton has said this several times do you agree? I feel like we help our enemies when we do. Even if it's tiny it's still something.

I’m not sure exactly what you’re saying or what Bolton quote you mean.  

Should we be a little more close to the vest on the location of ship deployments, of the capabilities of weaponry, of tactics.  Possibly. There are times when letting the enemy know is valuable–letting the Soviets know what SDI could do was a good thing, keeping from them that it was at least 30 years off was also a good thing.  So I would have to know exactly what you’re talking about.

Now as to letting them know our intentions, the public debate, the open statements, the announcing “Saddam, you’ve got 2 days to leave, we suggest you do” and giving them time to prepare.  It’s again a case by case thing, but that’s a classically liberal society.  It’s a civilian controlled military, and it has to be that way, and to be that it has to be public.  Does it hurt a surprise attack here and there, yes…but it also prevents Seven Days In May from being anything other than a book (and I have some recollection of a bad movie).

It might be that I agree with you entirely, but I need more information to go on.

Iwan Rheon also shines as Ramsay, a character that could so easily have become a caricature but is injected with just the right levels of menace and charm to make him a truly believable psychopath, all excitement and smiles with that lingering threatening look in his eyes. Rheon has been the star of the show for a while now, but it’s in this episode that he excels with a simmering, mild-mannered performance that oozes Ramsay’s toxicity.
— 5x05 Review
Trolling Jaime & Brienne

“‘She [Cersei] is well, As is your… nephew.’ Bolton paused before he said nephew, a pause that said I know.”

“'My lord, these men tried to rape me.’

'Did they?’ Lord Bolton turned his pale eyes on Vargo Hoat. 'I am displeased. By that, & this of Ser Jaime’s hand.’”

-A Storm of Swords

So how did Roose find about about the incest? Stannis’s letter?