Roberu Leather Accessories from Japan

Leather is a material that becomes more and more beautiful when it ages. But the accessories from Design Studio Oberu, based in Yokohama Japan are already looking great. Their collection consists of bags, belts, wallets, cardholders, wristbands, shoes, iPhone cases and some great looking camera holders and straps.

Made with great materials, clean lines and neat detailing. Don’t hesitate to go watch their collection here. Or look for a local dealer here.


Grado Headphones SR325is

Lots of good stuff comes from NYC, but I bet you didn’t expect a company that makes some of the best hifi headphones in the world. Yes, Grado - more than half a century old - does just that from their company on Seventh Avenue in Brooklyn. And what a beauties they make, not only soundwise, but also designed with a style that’s pleasingly straightforward. Just take a look at that metal mesh on the side.

The Grado SR325is headphones win just about every award there is from every renowned hifi magazine and site, such as What Hifi, HiFi Choice, The Absolute Sound, Stuff, Audio Magazine, Pro Audio Review and more.

Not cheap with prices varying from $295,- online up to €399,- in shops, but it’s a great way to probably enjoy your music on a whole new level.


Cool flight cabinets

Talking about a cool functional item; the aluminum flight cabinet called Box by Bordbar is certainly one of them. The association with aviation and traveling around the globe makes you happy everyday you see your own Bordbar. The details are superb; the handle on top, the rotating turn lock and double rubber castors.

And you can customize to your own taste… amazing. I was already configuring my own one for my home, but then I saw the total price. First thing I thought; I can never convince my wife to buy a small cabinet for such a large amount of money : (  Bummer…

Check out Bordbar’s site here


The ultime remote control?

I have a small remote controlled lighting system made by Jung, which works very well and is very easy to use. Jung uses the KNX standard, which is a universal communication protocol amongst manufacturers for home automation systems (for example Berker, Gira, Jung, Busch-Jaeger and more). 

For a long time the communication amongst switches, dimmers, sensors, lights, thermostats, blinds and more went by wire. Then came RF (radio frequency), which made live a lot easier. But now wifi has entered the arena and almost everyone has a home wifi network nowadays. 

Gira and Jung understood that it’s time to integrate, build a bridge between RF and wifi.  Et presto; eNet is born. One home server, which receives and sends data via wifi and RF. Which means you can control everything at home with your iPad, smartphone or RF remote. And now you can even check & control your devices when away from home. Even better, the eNet home server can also control devices at specific scheduled times; change the temperature, open and shut the blinds, switch lights on/off, anything you want.

Its nothing really new, but now it will be integrated in 1 system, hopefully at a reasonable price. Available in the 1st or 2nd quarter of 2013 I am looking forward what is will be like, but one thing’s for sure; this is the logical next step for many homes in the future.

Check out more here (Gira.de) and here (Jung.de)