Why Travel: Top 3 Places I Want to Photograph

Planes are always a place that I reflect on what it is that makes me passionate about photographing the world. On Wednesday, travelling between the two busiest international airports in the world, Dubai and Heathrow respectively, I realised that although my work doesn’t often contain a human element, it is humanity itself and experiencing as much of it as possible. 

My passion is to capture places in a creative way that can hopefully inspire anyone and get people to move out of their own worlds. I have never wanted to photograph in a way that portrays the world as it is. I find that terribly boring and immediately removes any hope of imagining a story or allowing the viewer to create a before and after of the frozen piece of time I’m trying to share. With wishful thinking these are the next three places I want to capture

#1 Bolivia

Bolivia is a place of extremes, deserts, mountains, volcanoes and salt lake plains. The extreme beauty of the place is enticing enough and after travelling to the Himalayas and Mount Everest, the altitude always gives me a strange feeling of risk and adventure.

#2 India

I have only spent the briefest of time in India and as a country the human element, the people and culture, are something I want to experience properly. Kathmandu is probably one of the most interesting cities I have ever been to, to buzz and chaos made it such an exciting place to be, I’m sure India is not too dissimilar to its neighbour, but on a grander scale.

#3 Mongolia

I have been discussing this for years and have been putting off planing it, but the Mongol Rally is something I want to do in the next few years. What better way to experience the world and loads of different people in a short period, than to drive across the whole of Europe the Middle East and Asia. I’m not sure I’m that well versed in repairing a car however, you’re guaranteed to breakdown many times. 

I want to thank Transun Travel for inspiring me to write this post and will keep this bucket list in mind for the near future. Check out their Arctic Adventure packages here: Transun.co.uk/brochure/arctic/northern-lights

By Freddie Ardley Photography

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