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Okay, but can we stop saying that Bolin can lavabend because he has a firebender parent? 

Lava has nothing to do with fire. It is literally just hot earth. Waterbenders are able to change the temperature of water enough to create ice or steam, and skilled firebenders are able to change the temperature of their fire enough to turn it blue (like Azula does). Lavabending is almost certainly exactly the same principle, just scaled up in difficulty for how very, very hot earth has to be before it melts. 

The sole arguments for this seem to be ‘on some level, I feel like lava is just liquid fire’ and ‘we’ve only otherwise seen avatars do this’, which seem like very thin arguments to me. 

Korrasami will do wonders to the Avatar world itself

People will inevitably see Korra as a role model — if not in the next Avatar cycle, then definitely in the generations to come. People will look to her legacy and think: “Avatar Korra loved Mako, and that’s okay. Avatar Korra also loved Asami for the rest of her life, and that’s okay too. If Avatar Korra can love both men and women like that, then so can I.”

In a world where people like Toph and Ming-Hua are revered (and feared) for their incredible bending prowess, rather than pitied for their respective disabilities; where people like Mako, Bolin, and Asami can be of mixed race and no one will bat an eyelash; where strength isn’t defined or limited by gender or race, but by pure effort and talent — a canonically bisexual Avatar will do wonders.

I’d like to think Lava bending is only for those who can (or has the potential) to bend both fire and earth.

Before Ghazan, the only Lava benders known were the avatars who, of course, can bend both fire and earth.




Ghazan’s origins are unknown, but we do know that Bolin’s dad was a fire bender (seeing as how Mako is a fire bender). So Bolin has both the genes for earth and fire bending.

And maybe the reason why there hasn’t been a non-avatar lava bender before is because the kingdoms were separated, so there couldn’t be a earth-fire marriage set up until the Republic city’s establishment.