Thank God for relief! When we sacrifice the image of who we think we are for His purpose we experience peace. When we’re trying to hold a pose. 📷 we don’t breathe. Sometimes this carries into life, but we don’t have to hold a position of stagnancy and complacency. God wants to move us for His glory. Put down the image, put down the facade and hand it over to God. Put down your life story, submit it to God, trade it in for a new one. Release soul ties and bondage, Testimony: God allows us to experience a new freedom that’s totally clean and totally pure. (# Holiness), Holiness is not something you do, Holiness is something God gives. We have to present ourselves before Him in all of our sickness and all of our scars. Be made whole!! Holiness is not performance based.

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It’s good to know that were capable of doing great and amazing things! It’s Better to Keep first things first! prioritize whats really important. No need to put on like we have what we really don’t. Meet somewhere in the middle. # Balance is the key.

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Your struggle wasn’t made to stop you, it was made to launch you. Don’t let the value of your struggle go for cheap. If you didn’t have what it takes to excel, the enemy wouldn’t be fighting you so hard. Your success has the potential to bring millions out of bondage, to set captives free. You have Every right to win!! Your struggle wasn’t for nothing! Stop letting the enemy win!! Go Prosper!! Stop giving the enemy discounts!! know your worth!! God’s got you covered!!
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In building a culture, obsessed with things, hell bent on artificial intellegence, remember that people hold more value. Use things and value people. Stay in tune with being centered and giving forward. Our purpose is to be of service.
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Don’t go back into your trauma. We can’t step half way, we have to Realize that God is able to do just what He say’s He can do. There is nothing we can want that He’s not able to provide. Faith is taking the first step, Faith is also Never turning around again!! Stay on the path of God’s grace with everything you got!! “Break Free For Real” today’s post on 📖☁💪📆 #1Corinthians10:13 #BOLDJournal #Inspiration #faith #Grace

Solomon chose wisdom over everything. Wisdom rejoices in truth. Wisdom is an empowerment serum for the soul.  Don’t wait to be validated by anything or anyone. Consume wisdom. Grow and live. Don’t let anyone tell you you’re too young to be wise. We wanna downplay wisdom because its easier to follow the crowd and act a fool. Wisdom is more valuable than anything we clamor to possess. when you think you don’t have anything seek wisdom. “Why spend money on what is not food? Why work for what does not satisfy you?Listen carefully to me.Then you will eat what is good.You will enjoy the richest food there is.” (Isaiah 55:2). “seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” (Matt. 6:33) The kingdom protocol is filled with wisdom.Wisdom is more More valuable than rubies and precious stones.

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The fight against evil has been since the beginning of time. Against the power of creation and productivity, – deception. - a snake: slimy, dirty, in the mud. The word of God is a sword that has the abilty to chop that snake up. It can chop all of “our snakes” into pieces! Whatever is bothering us. The devil wants you to be deceived, but Understand and get into the word of God. Fear… for what? Psalms says: the Lord is my shepard. He leads us through the valley of the shadow of death. Remember the holy spirit is a dove “in the air”. God gives us direction, and abundance from His view. It’s not always gonna be easy, but Proverbs says the virtous woman strengthens her arms. The struggle only makes you strong. The woman is a figure of “productivity and increase.” Snakes aren’t for productivity they’re for devouring and division. The word says The Lord is my shepard. “I should lack nothing nothing”. there is no reason I should be without.
Man shall not live by bread alone, but every “word” that proceeds from the mouth of God.

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You’re an overcomer! Pressure creates diamonds. A diamond is not just something that looks good on the outside. A diamond is a rare, precious jewel. It’s something that’s valuable. Your pressure is making you valuable, it’s giving you worth. God didn’t give you your struggle for no reason. He wants His glory to be revealed and shine through you. Don’t give up because pressure is only made to perfect you. There is value in your struggle. God’s got you! You may be in the rough right NOW, but you were made for SO much more. Hold on, hang tight and you’re gonna ‘shine bright like a diamond’.🎶💎💎💎

Stay strong!
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Be wealthy! wisdom and wealth comes from God. The power to make your dreams come true, starts in you. Don’t settle for anything less than your Absolute best!

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When I am sleeping, I have no control of what crosses my mind, but when I WAKE UP…I have full power and authority to operate in purpose, to achieve my dreams and make visions into reality. There is power in awareness sometimes we don’t use the full potential of it, but it is extreme. WAKE UP SLEEPER! Turn your God-given dreams into reality. Let your goals feel the push of gravity. When you Wake Up The power and of God is in your favor! #BOLDJournal

God has given us a spirit of power, love, and self-discipline these are the spirits that cut fear off completely. The power of God is light, sometimes we shy away from light because it gets to bright for our eyes, we wanna turn it down…Go into the light. its the light that cuts through and burns away the darkness. Don’t be afraid of the light rejoice in it. Your power is there, your BOLDness is there. “You Got The Power” New post on 🎥📖 #BOLDJournal

Be Encouraged! You can Break Every Chain that holds you in bondage! It doesn’t come easy as just singing, we also have to break bad habits. The good news is when you’re walking in purpose what’s not right for you will fall off naturally. We have to be open to embrace God’s will above our own, He knows whats best!! There is power in the name of Jesus!! The “name” is the “essence” and “character” of. Walk in your authority. Breakdown every stronghold in Jesus name!

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Don’t put God in a box. God is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all we can ask or think. Just like God can move a mountain, He can also move a tree: He can remove EVERY root of bitterness and plant you in good soil. He can remove all the “family tree” roots of bitterness and All the soul ties. God is able! Don’t limit God in your ability to upgrade,your ability to go from a lower extreme to a better one. You can be lifted higher. Your means of living can be transformed and you can experience increase. No more chains. No more bondage. But freedom in every aspect! Be Encouraged! God is able!
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Morning Inspiration!!

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You don’t have to fight for what’s yours. Walk in purpose the blessings of the Lord will stalk around your door. When it’s truly yours it’ll come because what you’re looking for is looking for you. When God wants to bless you even you can’t stop it. Fear tries to fight you the hardest when you’re closest to your breakthrough. Stay strong in faith. Let the Lord be your peace and watch Him fight for you.

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