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please tag repetition. or like mentioning that someone is saying something over and over please it triggers psychotic attacks for me really easily. thank you bye

I went to a clinical psychologist to get an assessment and although I fit all the symptoms for Inattentive and the computerised test said it is likely that I have ADHD seeing my slow processing speed, inattention etc from the results, she said (bold text):
- She couldn’t diagnose me even though I could have ADHD because it could be the anxious feelings causing the ADHD behaviour
- If I deal with stress management issues, I may be able to get rid of the ADHD behaviour altogether
- But I also have the ADHD behaviour even when I don’t feel anxious and stressed. I’m pretty sure it’s the ADHD causing the anxiety.
- I don’t only show ADHD behaviour in a school setting.
- How do/can psychologists differentiate between ADHD, induced ADHD from anxiety, and induced anxiety from ADHD?
- I show no signs of hyperactivity/impulsivity and which is a criteria of ADHD and that ADHD is mild when it is without hyperactivity/impulsivity.
- Is Inattentive ADHD “mild” and Hyperactive/Impulsive ADHD “severe”? How is “mild” and “severe” decided? Honestly I feel pretty invalidated.
- Also I’m pretty sure hyperactivity/impulsivity isn’t a criteria for ADHD.
- I have attention problems, especially when the stimulus is auditory
- She referred me to a psychiatrist who is experienced in ADHD and said I could get medication for the problems. It already cost a lot to get the first assessment. 
- Do you think the psychiatrist could give me a diagnosis without another expensive computerised test?

- Without a diagnosis, I feel like I have no reason to be failing classes etc in school. My teachers are concerned and I keep telling them I don’t know why and I am trying but I just can’t. So after the results of my assessment, I was expecting to be able to explain to everyone around me, esp my school that the reason for these things is ADHD but now I’m not really sure what to tell my school. 

- What do you think I should tell my teachers?

- Do you think I could still get accommodations for school/examinations without the diagnosis?

Sorry for the long text and all the questions, I don’t think there’s anyone else I could ask apart from you. This blog helped me out a lot. Thank you so much.

[Okay, I’m going to try and answer your questions in order. I’ve put my stuff behind a Read More because the post is just so long otherwise.

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SPN quotes ▷ Gabriel

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supernatural version

dean or sam or castiel

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the colt or demon-killing knife 

the roadhouse or bobby’s house or the bunker

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anti-possession tattoo or mark of cain

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hey cis people

if u say shit about trans people like “boy who wants to be a girl/ girl who wants to be a boy” or “used to be a girl/boy,” then you are

  • cissexist
  • transphobic/transmisogynistic
  • probably erasing nonbinary identities
  • possibly putting the trans person in danger if you say that shit around the wrong people
  • really really gross
  • and flat-out wrong

so unless a trans person tells u it is ok to say those phrases to refer to them and them only (and they probably won’t), don’t use them