Man I love Fukurodani, especially their captain Bokuto Koutarou and their vice captain *looks at smudged writing on hand* Akashi Seijuro  

i can’t wait to know the actual colours of fukurodani’s school uniform but in the meantime here’s what i imagine it looks like

heh, i’m so glad that bokuto wears his tie loose and rolls up his sleeves. Headcanon that he also rolls up his trousers and akaashi wears a cardigan sweater

HQ Rarepair Week - Day 5: Mistakes (+ texting?? its snapchat soo idk)
Akaatsuki OR The Ot4: Bokuto + Kuroo + Akaashi + Tsukki

I wasn’t able to do Day 4, but here is my contribution to Day 5: Mistakes.
Tsukki and Akaashi drunkenly making out is not necessarily a mistake, but what IS a mistake; is having Kuroo and Bokuto witness it.

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Or maybe 22?? I like boooth

Omg this took so long and was really challenging bc it’s not domestic fluff! But here you have it It turned out into a monster and way bigger than imagined. Hope you enjoy Bokuto with a thing for Akaashi’s legs ahaha

Title: Deliciously Sinful 
Wordcount: +1200
Pairing: Akaashi x Bokuto
Summary: Bokuto is not the quiest observer in the world and Akaashi knows how to use that in his benefit. Based on the promp: “I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice.”

Bokuto Koutarou, 3rd year and captain of Fukurodani’s Volleyball Team was not what one would consider as a quiet and discreet person. Quite the contrary, actually. Bokuto was all about hooting and hey hey hey’s and he wouldn’t shy away if he had anything to say. This often caused trouble because whatever he had to say always happened to be said in the most unconvinient and unhappiest time. Bokuto was restless and always moving from one place to another. He was easily excited and remaining in the same position for a long period of time was an impossible task.

In the end, Bokuto Koutarou was not the person to secretly observe from afar, silent as a mouse.

And that was what made it so difficult for him when it came to Akaashi Keiji, his vice-captain and best setter he could have ever asked for.

Akaashi Keiji had been like a dream come true in Bokuto’s life. Because of him, his unusual straight spikes started to be effective; it was him that knew how to handle him and his mood swings – not that his other teammates didn’t know but Akaashi knew him better; it was because of his help that his grades didn’t suffer a deathly blow. The list of examples could go on, but, over all, Akaashi Keiji was the scale in his life, the one that kept everything balanced.

It’s no wonder that he managed to develop a crush on Akaashi.

It wasn’t just about his quiet personality and apparent stoic expression. No, Akaashi looked straight out of a piece of Renassaince Art. He was so pretty.

Everything he did was gracious and looked easy, delicate, even! Bokuto was suren no boy in his teenage years could look like that and he had a whole volleyball team to make it cientifically accurate. Akaashi was the exception: he was all long pale legs, hands shaped by the frequent use of volleyball balls, dark messy hair that was soft to touch. Bokuto really had it strong for him.

But the part where Akaashi was beautiful human being had been already stated and proved as a fact and universal truth. The problem was how Bokuto couldn’t take his eyes off him.

Don’t stare, don’t stare, don’t be a creep was a mantra heavily repeated throughout the day and most of the times it turned out to be don’t stare, don’t stare, don’t be – Fuck! He’s seen you! Quick look away! but up until the present moment, despite Bokuto doing a poorly job in observing discreetly Akaashi, the other boy never gave signs of noticing or even suspecting of something.

It all changed in the summer camp before Spring’s High.

It was one of the hottest summers Bokuto had ever experienced and the heat of the day would mess with Bokuto’s head if he stayed outdoors for longer than necessary. The layers of fabrics covering the sweaty bodies of active teenage boys were the minimum acceptable, all shorts and thin shirts. Not that they weren’t used to see many muscular legs and defined torsos and so many flesh on display – Jesus, they were all athletes and Bokuto had already had his fair share of unwanted sights at Fukurodani’s locker rooms.

The problem was Akaashi. When was he not the problem in Bokuto’s life? Talk about being paradoxal.

With his setter wearing the shortest short shorts Bokuto had ever seen, he was having a hard time concentrating on the game ahead of him. Those little black shorts were sinful and the number of failed spikes didn’t seem to stop. It was hard not to stare at the pale almost hairless thighs of Akaashi right when he should be spiking the ball to the floor. His teammates thought it was just another of his flukes, just a tad different from previous ones, but Akaashi seemed to see right through him with inquisitive eyes boring into his soul.

“Bokuto-san, is everything alright today?” - Akaashi asked after yet another failed spike. They were going to lose the set if things kept on like that.

“Yeah! Everything more than alright, Akaashi!” - Bokuto laughed awkwardly, quickly running away from him and his deliciously sinful legs.


Later that day, after the self-practice time and after dinner, Bokuto had just finished taking a well deserving relaxing shower, when Akaashi surprised him, asking if had a minute to spare. Bokuto swallowed in dry. He was doomed.

They walked until a more reserved part of the inn they were staying at, a little balcony with view to the greenery landscape, barely seen during the night. They both remained silent, Bokuto’s head was going at a neckbreaking speed, thinking about all the possible answers he could give Akaashi without making things weird. The silence was closing around him, it was hard to breathe and Bokuto was seriously close to losing his mind. That was when Akaashi talked.

“I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice, Bokuto-san. I wonder why is that.”

Bokuto’s brain went kaputt. All the answers he could have thought previously had disappered from his brains. Akaashi was staring intensively into his eyes, curiosity sparking them. Bokuto was sweating all over. Think Koutarou, think! What can you say? Think!

“Bokuto-san, why have you been staring at me, today more than ever?” - Akaashi said, taking a step closer to Bokuto, who instinctively take one step back - “Yes, because I know you’ve been looking at me at lease since the beggining of the term” - another step - “At first, I thought it was just you being you, but after catching you so many times, I started seeing a padron” - and another. Bokuto was now trapped between the wall and Akaashi - “Why is it, Bokuto-san?” - Akaashi whispered into his ear, low and deep and Bokuto hardly managed to contain a whimper.

He was going weak on his knees. Akaashi was too close. He could feel the heat emanating from Akaashi’s body, the skilled hands, close to his hips, his breath warm on his neck.

“Your…” - he tried to say, his voice barely audible and woobly - “Your legs, Akaashi. It’s their fault.”

“Yeah, I thought so too” - Akaashi giggled - “Good thing the shorts did their job.”

“What?” - was Bokuto’s turn to ask. What was going on? Was this a prank?

“Bokuto-san, you can be so clueless” - Akaashi sighed, gazing at him, dark eyes glowing - “I like you, Bokuto-san.”

Bokuto’s brain went once again kaputt when he felt soft lips touching his and after a few seconds of no-reaction, Akaashi pressed harder against his lips and it all clicked. Akaashi liked him and was kissing him! Kissing him! He grabbed Akaashi’s waist and tried to bring him closer, enjoying every moment of the kiss he was now reciprocrating.

The need for air broke them apart and Bokuto smiled widely at Akaashi. He was not believing in what had just happened!

“You could have said something sooner, Akaashi! I was really suffering!”

“And where would be the fun in that?”

Bokuto laughed and just kissed Akaashi again and again and again to make up the lost time.


On the next day, when Bokuto saw Akaashi’s little red shorts with “Are you nasty?” written on the back he smiled. Now he was just teasing him.

A volleyball dork.

This fanfiction is for the amazing sailorbisexual on tumblr! Hope she likes it, it was really funny write this story and we all knowhow much we love BokuAka. A lot of headcanons are property of akaashie on tumblr: senpai, thank you for all! You really helped me, and you are wonderful and fucking great. Love ya. So, the prompt is: “Can someone please write a BokuAka fic that’s basically the plot-line of skater boy by Avril Lavigne (Bokuto being the skater boy, of course)?”.

Enjoy this first chapter! (In AO3 too)


A volleyball dork.

First chapter


When I met Bokuto Koutarou five years ago, I didn’t know a lot about him. He was a person that I went to almost daily, a person I talked to, but I didn’t really know him. I didn’t know the demons he was fighting against, his difficulties, I didn’t know even his favourite flavour of Garigari-kun ice lolly. Mine was pear, though.

In short, we were practically strangers. But there was a fact, I clearly remember it, that made the turning point in our lives.


He was in the second year of middle school (so he was almost 15 years old), and I was in the first. I can still notice an innocent thrill in his voice, but that day that thrill was more intense, it had new shades of emotions.

“Akaashi” he told me, friendly placing a hand over my thin shoulders “I’ve fallen in love. Oh, Akaashi, it’s such a wonderful thing, don’t you think it is wonderful? Really it is!”.

I, a 13-year-old boy still unstable on my legs, couldn’t understand Bokuto’s emphasis: “Ah, I see… and who’s the lucky one?” I asked, quite emotionless. In fact I wasn’t particularly interested because, as I said, Bokuto and I weren’t that confident talking to each other.

But the sight of him being so excited and impatient, like everything he had inside was almost moving and I couldn’t break that enthusiasm.
“She’s in my same class, I don’t know if actually you have ever seen her but… Awazu Ai’s her name, she’s beautiful and tall and she smells lovely! Ah, I love her so much…” he said, and I could swear he was shining like a shoujo-manga girly girl’s eyes.

“Does she play volleyball?” I asked instinctively. In fact our biggest obsession was volleyball, and we still can’t live without this amazing sport. We used to play it in the school club, and we were always in gym after school practising tosses and spikes. I played as an aspirant setter, and Bokuto was a clumsy wing spiker. He was a little fucked up and awkward… but I was far-sighted enough to see his unexpressed potential. All of that adrenaline and stamina could somehow be channeled in the right direction and then he would have sparkled like a star. But unfortunately I was the only one to see him like this, and Awazu wasn’t an exception.

I met her for the first time some days after hearing her name from Bokuto’s in love lips and I admit I was completely dazzled by her. She had that aura of perfection, that impecable behavior, that delicate voice that charmed everyone. She was a fragile-looking girl, who spoke with a selected elite, and the others could only dream to speak to her. Maybe they all were too scared to contaminate her, I don’t know. I was not like them; if I had any interest in her, I would have immediately stepped forward.

Bokuto, however, was too involved and he was too afraid to even approach her. The only words they exchanged was school-related, and my new friend doesn’t feel brave enough to go to her and say something more.

I tried to give him strength, to understand him, to keep up as close as possible; I am an unselfish person somehow and slowly I was becoming fond of that senpai, who was so special.

Almost a month passed before Bokuto finally decided to speak to her, and in that time  I began to understand that something was wrong with my friend, and it somewhat involved his bizzare behavior.

He came to me after training, tearful, pinning me to the wall and shaking me by my shoulders. Bokuto was already stronger than me, much more huge, and I had a very little chance to escape his grasp.

“Akaaashiii…” he whimpered, burying his face in the crook of my neck “She… she rejected me…”.

I jolted: “What? You have already told her your feelings?!”.

Bokuto nodded sadly, and I raised my eyes to heaven: “Why did you do that-” I asked, but I had no time to say something more: he forcefully pressed his lips on mine. I was shocked: I felt his overwhelming presence on me, I was just a child and he was barely a teenager.

He broke away after a few seconds, panting, while I was looking at him with wide eyes. But I didn’t run away: I felt that something was wrong, I knew that he would never have done something so petty.

“Why did you do that?” I simply asked, without interrupting our eye contact.   He stammered something that sounded like an “I’m sorry” and then he took his hands off me, collapsing to the ground. I sat down next to him, calm as always: “What’s up, Bokuto-san?”.

“I… sorry, Akaashi. I was sad. I am sad. I don’t know what I did. My heart is completely broken. You’re a dear, dear friend Akaashi. P-Please don’t go away”.

And so I did. I stayed with him until he calmed down, gently threading my fingers through his white-black hair, reassuring him. I had to go talk to that Awazu, and I had to ask her what exactly she had said to my friend.

The day after I looked for her, but in vain: she always had something to do. I saw her only one time that week, but it was the only episode. For the rest, there was no way to trace her.

A week later, to my surprise, she came to me during volleyball training: she stayed stiffly at the entrance of the gym, and called me. I was really astonished, and at the same time curious to know what’s she was going to tell me.  Maybe she was there just to tell me to stop pestering her… I had no idea.

“Akaashi-kun, right?” she greeted politely “We have to talk about something really important”.

“What exactly?”.

She hesitated a little: “Kouta… Koutarou-kun”.

Without even doing it on purpose, I became suspicious: “If you are here to break his heart again, you can go away right now”.

I’ve always been an outspoken guy, with a glorious poker face. I wasn’t afraid of that popular girl from peanuts. She made an astonished face: “What do you mean with I broke his heart? It c-can’t be possible, I haven’t said anything wrong…!”.

“Well, you have. And I can’t forgive you. At least I hope you have apologized to him”.

Awazu shook her head and said: “Akaashi-kun… you are really a friend of Koutarou-kun, aren’t you? It’s j-just curiosity…”.

I nodded: it was ironic that she, unconsciously, brought us closer to each other.

“So you know him very well…”.

I nodded again, beginning to get irritated: “Yes, what are you getting at?”.

She puffed lightly, taking a deep breath, and then she said: “I… I like Koutarou-kun!”.