Hey Boise People!!

If you haven’t heard yet BBP is challenging as many people as possible to ride their bikes on May 7th to make Boise the bicycle capitol of the United States for 24 hours! 

Each hour on the hour on May 7th BBP is hosting a bicycle centered event ranging from a group ride, to bike yoga, to our top secret final event happening at 11pm on May 7th! Thats right, 24 events in 24 hours! 

So I would like to encourage all my Boise followers/peeps/friends to ride your bikes ALL DAY May 7th, and if you can’t do all day then please consider utilizing your bike to go to classes, or to the grocery store, or to First Thursday events and help in our goal!

Also, if you have the means to make it possible, BBP is accepting donations with a goal of $50,000! Together with other Treasure Valley bicycling organizations the goal is to grab up the building behind BBP as space for more and more bicycling things; offices, classroom space, bike storage space, space space space we need space! 

So join us on May 7th for Idaho Gives day and go #carfreeforBBP!!!

Go to for more information, our May 7th schedule, and the donation interweb location!


Meet your new hero: Paul Gerke of  Boise, ID's KIVI, who did an entire sportscast last night in character as Ron Burgundy. You can practically smell the rich mahogany from here!