Losing My Religion (shifted to a Major Key)

A friend emailed me a link to this video (by way of BoingBoing)

Someone put “Losing My Religion” by REM through some processing, and turned the song from a minor to a major key.  While you can hear the occasional pitch-shiftiness on the vocals, and one or two chord changes don’t seem to settle in quite perfectly, the impact is nonetheless absolutely fascinating.  What had been a linchpin of 90’s alternative melancholia and loner rock becomes this almost defiant pop perk of a track.

This morning, a TSA officer at LAX humiliated and shamed my 15-year-old daughter. She is traveling with a group of high school students on a college tour and we were not with her when he verbally abused her.

The TSA dipshits at LAX, in addition to the general “we hate our jobs so fuck you for being here” attitude from 90% of the LAX employees drove me to abandon LAX and fly out of Burbank instead, even if that means I have a 2+ hour layover.

Yes, it is worth spending 2 hours somewhere else so I don’t have to deal with LAX at all. LAX is a giant pile of fail.

"The city of Cambridge, Mass has teamed up with MIT to produce a Solar Tool that allows people to type an address into a website and get a detailed account of that roof’s solar electric potential. This is probably the most detailed service now existing and every building in Cambridge is covered. You can learn how much of your roof sees enough sun for a PV installation, how large that PV installation can be, how much it will cost, how high your Federal and state tax rebate will be, how much electricity it will produce in a year, and how much carbon it will displace."

Solar Tool v.2. Via

WALKING DEAD 101 (Ghost Variant cover by Jim Rugg)

On, I spoke with Chapel Hill Comics’ Andrew Neal about the Ghost Variant cover series that he art directed.

Here is a brief excerpt…

In 2012, Andrew Neal teamed up with a small group of fellow comic book shop retailers to develop a program called Ghost Variant. Pooling their resources, these small business owners worked with publishers and creators to make a dozen variant-edition comics based on popular series. Without promotion or warning, the group simply announced and sold the comics the day they were available.

Recently, they decided to lift the veil of secrecy and talk about this experience. Despite creating artwork for the first Ghost Variant — The Walking Dead 101 — I knew very little about the group and its background. I am curious about the business side of any creative profession (for proof, listen to my podcast, Tell Me Something I Don’t Know, where Jasen Lex and I grill artists about the business side of their work). So when I heard they were ready to talk, I sent Andrew Neal some questions…

JIM RUGG: What is Ghost Variant?

ANDREW NEAL: Ghost Variant is a group of comic retailers who banded together to produce exclusive covers to popular comic books. That’s the “variant” part. The “ghost” part is that the covers were produced in secret and released without any direct promotion until the day before they went on sale.


I will be at Chapel Hill Comics on July 12th with copies of the NEW Street Angel hardcover, along with Hip-Hop Family Tree’s Ed Piskor, and Transformers vs. G.I.Joe’s Tom Scioli for the Greatest Signing of All Time!

This intriguing chunk of feldspar looks like ribbon confetti neatly arranged in resin. According to this site, Rainbow lattice sunstone “contains crystallographically oriented exsolutions of Illmenite & Hematite that forms a criss-cross lattice pattern which produces spectral colour aventurescence in reflected light.” In other words, a wizard made it.

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