sippihippy asked:

think about how beautiful conor and corina's baby would be.

I have. I think they’re being responsible people by realizing their infant would blind the universe with how perfect and beautiful it would be.

sippihippy asked:

what do you think the yellow bird symbolizes in conor's music? to me, it's always represented a person who helps you realize you need to make a change. i've seen a lot of people equate it with true love, though. what do you think?

it’s not true love. you’re absolutely right. the person who comes and makes you realize you have to change everything.

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what does varoda mean? i've been wondering the whole time i've followed you haha.

In short this link is Varoda

I played WoW for 3 and a halfish years and still do on and off when I’m in the mood.

Varoda was my first character, a human warlock. I couldn’t think of a name so I hit the random name generator button and “Varoda” popped up, and I’ve used it for just about everything since because it sounds really cool. 

sippihippy asked:

what was the first conor song you ever heard? how'd you first get into his music?

my old best friend who got me into a lot of good bands sent me an mp3 over AIM of something vague (dial up. took like 2 hours haha) 10 years ago. i loved it and was hooked on conor ever since! how about you?

bohemean replied to your photo: this was from saturday’s homecoming :)

aww you look so pretty!

thank you! :) i like that picture because my hair looks longer than it actually is…. i’m trying to grow it out haha.

sippihippy asked:

i'm surprised you're not a huge fan of m. ward, because i find his style similar to mvb (on some songs). do you like smoke without fire?

that’s the first song i ever heard that i hated actually. i like it now though. its not the music its his voice. look, i like singers who dont have nice and pretty voices. conor oberst, billy corgan, even jesse lacey has grit. m ward is like.. this puffy cloud of molasses and like i said i like it now more than i ever have before. i guess its a compliment to him really