anonymous asked:

im unfollowing you because you copied me and put it on YOUUR blog. be yourself next time, asshole. u thought i wouldnt notice.

I dont really mind people unfollowing me if there’s something you don’t like about my blog you can and you will thats fine but I would love you to be brave and come off anon and actually tell me in what way I copied you because I have nothing on my blog that is someone else’s and I have said it is mine and everything else on my blog is reblogged (what everyone does) so that can’t be a problem the style of my blog you can’t say anything about because there are thousands of similar blogs I mean there really isn’t anything on my blog that I have copied from anyone else. It’s just me, so I guess I am being myself. Maybe you should consider that we thought of the same thing? And watch your language next time, have a nice day :)