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Your girlfriend is Beautiful!!! 💕

i get reminded of it every second of every day. i’m her cameraman for every photo-shoot we do and it’s boggling how gorgeous she is.

Cute Commercial Idea: An asexual girl is dating this guy and the entire relationship she is dreading having sex with him because she doesn’t want to, but wants him to be happy because she loves him. They keep getting into situations where it seems like they’re going to have sex, but don’t. Then one day he proposes. We see the wedding and then they are in a hotel for their honeymoon. She gets nervous like “This is it. I can do this… I can”. Then he sits down and says: “You know I…I don’t really want to have sex right now.” She smiled and replies “Oh! Well I’m not really in the mood right now either so-” “No I mean… I… I don’t really want to have sex ever. I-It’s not you! I love you I…I just don’t want to. I never have.” And she smiles and laughs and blurts out: “Me either! Om my gosh I was so worried! You wanna play Boggle?” “What? Hell yes!” “Sweet!” And then they play and the Boggle trademark comes up with the caption: ‘Boggle; scientifically proven to be better than sex’


Holy fuck I found it.
Still, thanks for anyone who put in effort to help me.