BOFC (SPC ECO) - Fuck You

Track Of The Day (2) - BOFC - 'Ray Of Sun'

Track Of The Day (2) - BOFC - ‘Ray Of Sun’ @BOFCMUSIC

SPC ECO’s Rose Berlin takes her honeyed vocals in a new direction with her latest musical project entitled BOFC.  ’Ray Of Sun’ is already the second BOFC track to air in a series of singles which will be released over the spring and summer of 2014.

‘Ray of Sun’ is a beautiful wistful evocative slice of regret-drenched synth driven pop. There’s a hint of a heavier Saint Etienne in their early…

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New Boards Of Canada album in 2 weeks!

Banks Tipping Over?

TECHNICAL SCOOP - CHART OF THE WEEK Charts and commentary by David Chapman / Charts created using Omega TradeStation 2000i. Chart data supplied by Dial Data The central banks of the world continue to shock markets. “Shock” was a word used to describe the completely unexpected rate cut by the Bank of Canada (BofC) on Wednesday January 21, 2014. It was not quite in the same league as the shock delivered by the Swiss National Bank (SNB) the previous week when they unexpectedly released the Swiss Franc from its peg with the Euro.