I’m SSOOOOO tired I wish I could skip church again for more sleep. My body HATES me when I work out like yesterday. I was all achey and I took a pill and I only got like 4hrs. Today after church a long nap, then dye my hair its been 9wks since I last did yikes!!

Hope this week I get lots of sleep, LL gets back to me (or I’m calling on the 1st), and I get all my cleaning done. We are still aiming to get the whole garage in ordere and storage unit done by next week. Yikes.

Next weekend shall be super busy. Saturday is the flower thing in the morning for 2 and a half hours. Then my cousin and her husband are coming over to see the new place and hang out. I cant wait to see them I havent seen those two since last June :) Then Sunday my really great friend is coming to see our place too. She’s also bringing our Christmas gifts. We are going to lunch at Sammy’s which I havent been to in like 5 yrs. So busy exciting weekend. I need sleep this week. Last week was crappy for sleep.

Okay gotta get ready now. Beautiful Sunday out!! :D