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Its so funny that Glee believes that people go off, drop in & out of college, get jobs easily, easily move from state to state every few months and come back to marry their high school sweet hearts all before they’re even 21, when statistically like 50+% of people haven’t even left their parents house yet by then like..

GLEE | The Final Countdown: Top 9 Nicknames

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Klaine modern royalty AU, yes please!

Oh my
Klaine Bingo: Royalty
For knittywriter who managed to adult all day!! Woohoo !!

“What if I don’t want to?”

Georges looks to the ceiling, silently asking for some help from above.

But no bolt of lightening smites his younger son’s insolence, and what’s worst, Georges knows that he has to negotiate.

Because now that Cooper has abdicated, he either has to come out of retirement—and no, thank you, but a lifetime reigning over the country has made him grey before the proper age and he had just started enjoying the pleasures of being King consort, sort of—or hands over the crown to Blaine.

Or, he thinks, they could just abolish the monarchy and let the country fend for itself, but no, the Andersons have been on the throne of Dalton for too long to let that happen.

“Why wouldn’t you want to be King?”

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You're such a bitch! You used to like Blaine, and now suddenly you fucking don't what the hell happened?

One, are you really calling me a bitch because I don’t like Blaine?

Also, to answer you. YES, I used to like Blaine.. but never as much as Kurt I was invested in Klaine because I honestly thought Blaine made Kurt happy. And then I woke the fuck up and realized what a shitty as person Blaine is, how controlling he is, how emotionally abusive (and physically, please read all of the evidence of the fencing scene- courtesy of those who reblogged the last ask about Blaine I received). 

I also realized that a lot of people really don’t give a shit how Kurt feels, because poor baby Blainers is so angsty and hurt all of the time. AND I realized that maybe I never shipped Klaine, maybe I just liked the idea of shipping Klaine and I’m over being like that. 

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Check the wikipedia page for Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson, and let me know what you think of each and every award Klaine has won, all the accolades both of the actors and characters have received, and how well the entire Klaine storyline has been received. Please be detailed. And then go back to languishing in obscurity, while Klaine go down in TV history as one of the best young queer couples out there.

I reviewed the Wikipedia pages for both Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson.

Blaine’s mentions the Rising Star and Teen Choice awards Darren Criss won. It also mentions winning an online poll in 2010.

Kurt’s page not only notes his Golden Globe win, multiple Emmy and SAG nominations, and inclusion in the Time 100, there’s a whole section devoted to the accolades earned by Kurt and Chris Colfer. He’s ALSO won Teen Choice Awards, been recognized by GLAAD, and wins online polls.

What do I think of the awards Klaine has won? I think they are mostly silly online polls, easily decided by cheating, robots, or people with too much time on their hands. There also isn’t much critical praise of the relationship past 2011.