Recently finished Altairs bodyblushing, and today his wig, so its time to do some proper pictures of “How do I do bodyblushing and scars on a male adult body”, since the only bodyblushing examples I have are from female Minifees.

Idealians have sculpted pubic hair, yes ;)


Next in the list of body blushing is my demon boy Aziel. ( pardon the doll nudity)

I wanted to make his body match the beautiful faceup mil-mascaras gave him.

I don’t know why but I enjoy doing bodyblushing better than faceups lol ! I think there must be something wrong with me lol !

Anyways he is drying now :) can’t wait to put him back together and take pics :)


A commission I just finished a week ago, I’m so glad I can finally send this guy back home :’D

Since he’s a werewolf his eyebrows look a bit more wild and bushy, and he got several scars to show he ain’t a lapdog either.
He got the full package: face-up, airbrushed fantasy parts, basic body blushing (only chest/stomach and human hands) and scars.
Working on the Loongsoul resin was awesome though, so smooth and well made uwu

William - Loongsoul Farkas, owned by Berlinhedgies
Customization, photos and editing by me, Ara


Working on a little body blushing and bruising for my little junkie boy Jaxx.

For those who are wondering why Jaxx is so beaten up, well he had some problems at home and with his lover, and kind of hit rock bottom when he found himself alone and unable to control the demon side inside of him…

Hopefully I’ll have a break to do a photo story about him soon so I can brig his sorry forward better.

It’s a temporary face up ( I fixed the cracked blushing and cleaned it up a bit - but those are his default eyebrows - I suck at eyebrows so I didn’t touch them >.< )) , but I think i did pretty good for my first try doing a bruised body >.< . I had way too much fun doing the bruises and needle marks after hours of looking for pics to use as reference lol !

I am very happy with the results :)

Jaxx is a Migidoll Ryu head on a Spirit Doll elegance body :)