When I am having a bad body image day and think that I am fat and repulsive and ugly, having someone say “you’re beautiful” isn’t enormously helpful. What would benefit me more to hear is “I don’t give a crap what you look like. I like you even if your face looks like mashed potatoes”

What Is Body Dysmorphia? Facts and Information You Need To Know

Body dysmorphia, also known as body dysmorphic disorder, is a chronic mental illness. A person suffering from BDD cannot stop thinking about a flaw in their appearance. That flaw might be real, or it could be entirely imagined. Either way, it doesn’t matter – a person with BDD feels awful and ashamed of it, despite what anyone says.

"Everyone has insecurities about the way they look. It’s normal."

Except I don’t have insecurities like everyone else. Everyone else don’t let their insecurities about their appearance incapacitate them. They don’t have regular panic attacks about their reflection in the mirror. They don’t stay inside all day from feeling so ugly. They don’t have a blog devoted to their insecurities.

When I’m out, you know out shopping, out strolling, and what not, I see all of these different kinds of bodies: big bodies, little bodies, tall bodies, short bodies, skinny bodies, curvy bodies, muscular bodies, lanky bodies… I see all of these diverse yet absolutely BEAUTIFUL bodies.
But, when I pass by a mirror, and I see MY body… and the only thing that comes to mind is “ugly, terrible, filthy body”

I don't need feminism because... It is a close-minded, one sided, biased movement that demonizes innocent people.

I am so fucking done with seeing feminists blame the patriarchy (aka men) for essentially causing poor body image issues in both women and men. I don’t understand how they can’t understand that both genders face equally unrealistic beauty standards, and that both genders are equally guilty of perpetuating these standards.

The fact that feminism often implies that only women suffer from poor body image, and that it goes as far as to blame it on men, is incredibly ignorant, bigoted, and hateful. It completely ostracises an entire gender from a movement that is meant to be about equality, because of the way they guilt trip men into thinking that it is always their fault.

Take a look at this very interesting study. All four of these amalgamated human images are examples of unrealistic beauty standards. Here’s the kicker: which gender is behind the more extreme thinspo triggering ‘perfect body’ example for females?




Bother genders are their own worst critique. Stop blaming men. Stop excluding men. Stop claiming to be about equality when you still try and justify that these standards are still completely mens fault. Both genders face beauty standard pressures. Stop making it a solely female issues.

Just stop it.

- fraudulentfeminist

What is BDD?

Body dysmorphia disorder is not “vanity”. It is not “digging for compliments”. It is staying in bed because you can’t face yourself in the mirror. It is crying before work because you have to talk to so many people that will just stare at your imperfections, because how could they not. 

It is a sprinkling of good days. It is a torrential downpour of bad days. But there is never a day when you just stop thinking about what you look like. There is never a day when that isn’t on the forefront of your mind. How am I walking? Can people see how weird my legs are shaped? Am I drawing attention to them by walking? I laughed at a joke that a customer made. I think he just looked at me funny. He noticed how fucked up my teeth-to-gum ratio is, didn’t he? He noticed my turkey neck. 

It isn’t always about perceiving yourself as fatter than you are. It isn’t always about weight. It’s about my eyes, my brows, my nose, my mouth, my cheeks, my chin, dear god my neck, my boobs, my stomach, my hips, my thighs, my knees, my weird lower legs, my wide, indelicate feet. It’s about hiding my profile from people because my profile makes me look like a Picasso painting. It’s about makeup doesn’t sit on my face well and my eyes always look stupid and my skin is ruddy and red regardless. I look like I’m trying too hard. People notice. 

It’s about feeling sexual but forcing it back down because sex means naked, sex means hands on places and not being able to stop thinking about what I look like, and every angle is horrible but the one from behind, my face probably looks fat and retarded when I climax so I’ll put a pillow over it. Then I can’t snuggle. I have to get dressed. I have to wrap up in a blanket and pretend I was never touched, never exposed. 

It’s about having an amazing, loving boyfriend who is lost. He looks at me like I’m the most beautiful person in the world and my brain tells me he’s lying. Then he tries to explain how I look and I panic because if I can’t perceive myself correctly then how the hell do I know I see everything else correctly and how do I know anything I’ve ever thought about anything is right. 

It’s anxiety. It’s oppressive. It is not vain. And I do NOT want your fucking compliments. 

"The Internet went crazy over the Major League Baseball player’s naked body on the cover of ESPN The Magazine. And why? Because the cult of the six-pack reigns oppressively supreme… Fielder’s naked body doesn’t come with a six-pack. It doesn’t go in and out in the 2014-encoded “right” places. It is 275 pounds of blooming athleticism, but not the kind that is fetishized by Mens Health.”

It is great to always have our minds be reminded that all bodies are diverse and different.

Read the rest of the article here.  

That always seemed so ridiculous to me, that people want to be around someone just because they’re pretty. That’s like picking your breakfast cereal based on color instead of taste.
—  John Green

"I was just diagnosed as a body dysmorphic, and it makes me realize why I relate to Elsa - I literally keep myself shut away from the world because I fear what people will think of me. Seeing her embrace who she really is is helping my recovery, as is watching the other princess films, as it’s about who you are as a person, not what you look like. Elsa, Merida, and Mulan are really helping me out"

Truth is

I have a million photos of myself on my phone
Hoping I could like one and feel pretty
But instead I just see
The dark circles under my eyes
My asymmetrical eyebrows
My asymmetrical eye fold
My huge nose
My huge lips
My undefined cheekbones
My fat jawline
My round, wide face
My wide nose
My huge forehead
My stupid mole
My huge pores
My gross mustache
My oily skin
My dirty eyes

That’s only how I feel about my face.