Transformation Tuesday! The “Before” photo was taken in 2008 when I was 17. This photo was taken during a time when I was calorie counting, to the point that I limited myself to around 1,000 calories a day. I lost 70 pounds and weighed in at 150. I wish I had more full-length photos to show you, but unfortunately I was so insecure and embarrassed of my body that I required most of my photos to be chest-up. Also, I would have never been caught dead on the beach in an actual swimsuit.
On the right is my “After” photo, taken in 2014 at age 23. During the time period in between the photos, I began my radical journey of self-love and body acceptance. I don’t owe it to anyone to be their version of aesthetically pleasing, I don’t owe it to anyone to lose weight, and I don’t owe it to anyone to be ashamed of my body. Who I am now—all 220 pounds of me— has more confidence and zest for life than I ever did before.

I’m often asked if by promoting body love, I’m glorifying obesity.

To that I say: If you’re really concerned about health, you’ll ignore the largely irrelevant factor of weight and focus on more significant issues like: making sure families can afford nutritious food and have access to education that allows them to provide. You’ll also focus on providing un-biased healthcare and you’ll help de-stigmatize mental illness so people aren’t afraid to ask for help and can lead mentally healthy lives which then allows physically healthy lives.

But regardless of health: I believe in glorifying all bodies. All of them. Because every single person in the entire world deserves to feel good about and love themselves. It’s that simple. Fat and thin; healthy and unhealthy. Everyone deserves happiness and when people start to embrace themselves just as they are, the world as we know it will transform into a happy, balanced, healthier (physically and mentally), and more beautiful place.

So y’know what I glorify?

I glorify HAPPINESS.


Join in on the #GlorifyHappiness campaign by posting a happy full-body picture with the hashtag #GlorifyHappiness and a reason you love your body to show that self-love is for all bodies and all people.

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Hello my name is Bethani Rose :) I am 22 year old self taught make-up artist & curvy fashionista. My dream is to be a role model and teach people that just because you are a little bigger, doesn’t mean you need to hide behind layers of clothing & makeup! Curvy is beautiful and I am beyond ready to help teach people to embrace their curves! 

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