So I was feeling really bummed about the announcement yesterday that Zevran won’t be appearing in Inquisition and then I found myself really irked by Gaider’s comment, “Why does there have to be a reason for him not to appear?”

This is the reason. Zevran was an LI and ties with Sten for least represented in the series. He appeared once in DA2 for all of 5 minutes and it was buggy. I’m not saying you’re required to showcase him at every opportunity, but don’t try to act surprised that people notice when everyone else seems to be getting the special treatment and Zevran is clearly not.

(* pink boxes denote an LI)


Merrill and the mabari are at the front door, soaked thru by the summer rain.  “I was just trying to get home from the market when he found me and brought me here.” Merrill happily explained to Bodhan when he opened the door.  Nudging past them, Togo made his way directly to the great room without their notice.  

Bodhan’s usual show of hospitality is interrupted by Hawke yelling from within the house  “Don’t you Dare - back outside if you want to play Wicked Grace at the pub tonight!”

The hound slunk back into foyer, and whined to Bodhan to be let back out, soon followed by Hawke.  Letting him out herself, she turned to Bodhan and Merrill. “You just dodged an arrow, spell, and greatsword Bodhan, you do not want to see a wet Mabari shake indoors.”

Confession: I don’t understand why some seriously minor characters get so much love. I don’t hate them, but that’s because I know nothing about them, yet there are thousands of pieces of art dedicated to minor characters who show up maybe twice in the whole thing. Freaking Sandal and Bodhan show up more than some of these guys, but nope.