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Have you watched this yet? It’s about our group called Bois of Baltimore.  We are changing our city and will eventually change the country. We’re not a non-profit, we don’t have a sponsor, we’re a group of people working together to create safe spaces for queer people of color.  This stands a pretty good chance of getting lost between the high resolution pictures of beautiful people in stylish clothes, hilarious gifs, and Beyonce, but we’re going to keep sharing.

What other group of queer people of color do you know that are aiming to operate outside of the matrix? Raise funds on their own instead of taking dollars from the same corporations that are destroying our communities? Intentionally support queer and POC owned businesses? 

You still reading? Wow. Well if you can spare $1 please show some love! We could use it. Here’s where your funds go. Our campaign goals are pretty simple:

1) secure a physical headquarters

2) execute a mentoring program for young bois (Big Bois, Little Bois) and an artist residency program

3) expand to other cities (by request— we ONLY go where we’re invited)

4) sustainability (for emergencies only)


We’d like to introduce you to our Assistant Director of Membership Terita Russell (yes, she really is a police officer). “Russ” is responsible for making sure new Bois feel welcome and safe when they join Bois of Baltimore. She thinks you should check out the Bois of Baltimore LIFT OFF Campaign and consider supporting the incredible programs we’re launching this fall including a mentoring program for young bois and an artist residency program. 


For every dollar raised yesterday Maret (left) and Jazz (right) agreed to grace the University of Maryland’s campus wearing heels, make-up, and dresses. These two Bois offered to step out of their comfort zones (for a little of 4hrs) to show folks that they are comfortable in their own gender identities to switch it up. We appreciate the extra boost they gave our campaign and hope their attire shows just how silly getting caught up in the exterior can really be. SALUTE!

to learn more about our campaign go here

The (legendary) Bois of Baltimore invite you to our LIFT OFF party!! 

We don’t party much, but you already knew that. Let’s just say we opt for quality over quantity so expect this one to be EPIC.

All are welcome!!

The Loft 
410 Jasper St
Baltimore, MD 21201
(Yes, LaShay’s house ;)


$10 with a bottle (wine only)
$20 without

The wine you bring to drink ;)

You can pay for parking in the lot directly out front. If you park WITHOUT paying you WILL be towed! There is also parking on the adjacent streets.

100% of the proceeds go towards our Indiegogo LIFT OFF Campaign.


We’d like you to meet our Director of Event Planning Hope Gist. Hope’s nickname is Mortal Kombat because she SLAYS every event we’ve ever hosted. Hope was the mastermind behind our Summer BBQ, 3-on-3 Basketball, and a surprise event we’re hosting this fall *wink*. It’s pretty safe to say that Hope is most excited about us securing a physical headquarters so we don’t have to rely on other vendors for their space to host many of our upcoming events. She thinks you should help us spread the word about the Bois of Baltimore LIFT OFF campaign!

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We’d like you to meet our Assistant Director of Civic Engagement Michaela “Fallon” Washington. She has a huge heart and is always there to offer members of Bois of Baltimore kind or inspiring words. Fallon thinks you should considering showing some kindness to our LIFT OFF Campaign by donating a few dollars.

We’d like you to meet our Director of Civic Engagement Dane. This Boi is responsible for our community service projects and identifying new ways for us to engage our local community. Dane thinks the best way YOU can give back to Bois of Baltimore is to make a contribution to our LIFT OFF Campaign. A portion of the proceeds will go towards securing a physical space for us Bois to use as our headquarters.