So recently, I have managed to finally build a temporary station on the Mun.

Pretty proud of this achievement seeing as the only thing I’ve succesfully sent there before was a robotic rover called BOB6. And with BOB6, only minutes before landing, I realised that I didn’t have a dedicated landing stage for when he actually touches down onto the surface. However, I still managed to land BOB6 relatively safely. Except, he was badly damaged and was kilometres from the intended landing site.

Here’s a picture of BOB6

Soon after the BOB6 mission, I began the Korriban mission which was divided into 2 parts. It intends on putting Kerbals on the Mun to live and study. The first part of Korriban I was the formation of the actual base. And so, I sent 3 astronauts to the proximal surface of the Mun, and with a 3 stage lander, managed to place down a living quarters and a fully functioning Mun lab.

The second part of the Korriban I mission is me sending a 4th astronaut into the base. Along with the 4th Kerbal I brought a 2-seater Mun rover.

These missions went relatively well with only minor complications.

HOWEVER. When we last checked with the Korriban I Mun base, we realised that there was some sort of instability on the surface, which caused the legs of the Mun base to start vibrating. This caused the structures to move around uncontrollably. Additionally, we had recently discovered that the hand-brakes for the rover broke, and so it is also constantly in motion at 1m/s.

The Korriban I Mun base is moving. This is disastrous!!

And we need to send a rescue mission.

I need help. Cos I can’t think of a name for this rescue mission.