When Twin Peaks’s in-house photographer had quit and no further promotional shots were needed since the show was cancelled, Richard Beymer (Benjamin Horne) took his Olympus camera to the set and was given David Lynch‘s thumbs up to document the last days of filming the show.

His behind-the-scenes photography, partly included as an extra on the Twin Peaks Gold Box DVD set, has become legendary, showing the actors both in and out of character and the Black Lodge from angles you haven’t seen the place before.


For me, each one of our SNSD members is like my body. If one gets hurt or hears bad things from someone else, it hurts me and pains me even more. It’s impossible for only good things to happen to someone and so there were difficult times and hurtful times. But during those times, I’m so thankful that we were each other’s strength and each other’s support.” -Lee Soonkyu


Scans from the first edition of the Mallrats Companion, (at this time though it was simply called ‘Mallrats’). In this edition there are some differences from the 2005 release such as some of the photos and artwork being much larger and sometimes taking up an entire page of the book whereas in the 2005 version some of this stuff isn’t even in it. I’ll be scanning parts of both versions of this book and adding them here. (Part I of V)

If you’re braving the lines for Record Store Day this year, keep an eye out for this 7", which features Nels and drummer Bob Lee. The A side, a cover of Bikini Kill’s “Rebel Girl,” was recorded in New York in 1998, and the B side was recorded in Irvine, CA, in 1999. 

Record Store Day is April 20 this year. The full list of special and RSD first releases is here.

This is a Prayer
  • This is a Prayer
  • The Black Gang
  • n/a

This is- as far as I know- the lone release by the touring band comprised of Mike Watt (bass, vocals), Bob Lee (drums), and Nels Cline (guitar). This particular lineup only did the final tour in support of Watt’s punk rock opera Contemplating the Engine Room, as guitar duties had previously been filled by Joe Baiza (Saccharine Trust, Universal Congress Of) and Stephen Hodges (Tom Waits) on drums. (Hodges left after the first tour, replaced by Bob Lee of Clawhammer, Backbiter.)

This is probably not a very rare find on the internet but it’s an extremely important record for me. I was playing a little guitar by the time these tours were going on but only considered myself a bass player- and a frustrated one at that. Seeing Nels Cline transformed me and caused me to change my priorities. And maybe that’s not a good thing….but it’s where I went and never looked back.

This is a song written by Cline, released on piss-bottle yellow vinyl on the Kill Rock Stars label. The b-side was Nels covering Captain Beefheart’s A Carrot Is as Close as a Rabbit Gets to a Diamond, plus a “tourspiel” by everybody involved in the “Puttin’ the Opera to Bed” tour.