I was tagged by justanuntitledblog, so here we go.

1. What is your name?

2. Where are you from?

3. Crush?
Yeah, and I’m lucky enough to be dating him.

4. What is your favorite colour?
Spring green

5. Write something in all caps

6. Favorite bands/artists?
Imagine Dragons, Arctic Monkeys, and Three Days Grace.

7. Favourite number?

8. Favorite drink?

9. Tag ten people

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My sister’s watching Disney and the characters split into teams to sell stuff and the one guy goes “well if I owned a business if treat my employees right and do good by my customers” and some other kid goes “you are everything that’s wrong with this country”
In other words disney basically summarized the argument between unions and republicans

sleepinginpoppies asked:

You are one lucky lady to have a cat that seems to behave in public! I've seen one of your old pictures with Boatie roaming in the train without a leash, how is that possible? Why is Boatie so amazing!!! I never let my cat out of the house, I'm too scared.

Hahaha from the first minute I got him he seemed to be SO comfortable with being in with people and new places that I had absolutely no problem taking him with me everywhere. On our first train ride home (you’ve seen that picture) I didn’t have a leash for him so I just had to let him roam around without one cause he was so excited :D But now I can’t let him out without one cause he’d just go and explore and not give a damn. He’s oddly brave, I haven’t met many cats like him :D Maybe you should try to take your out in a carrier backpack or something to get him used to it but still being safe :) 

guess i can't really put this off anymore

I’ve now gotten the “say ten things you like about yourself publicly and send this to ten followers” thing twice now, so here goes:

Round 1:

1. I’m smart

2. I get good grades

3. I’m getting better at learning songs by ear (to play on piano, trumpet, etc.)

4. I have high arches (that probably sounds really weird but having high arches is really good if you do ballet; they make your foot look a lot better)

5. I’m good at making ballet buns (another thing that comes in handy in dance)

Round 2:

1. I’m pretty good at giving presentations in front of a class

2. I have most of the first verse of Stairway to Heaven memorized on piano

3. I can actually do some one-footed pointe work now

4. I can now play high F and G on trumpet (sometimes)

5. I’ve hardly missed any homework assignments this school year

…and done! Now to finish a study guide on “Fast Food Nation”, do my geometry homework, and work on my balance for pointe. Yay.