A Lake of World Records

Lake Baikal is a sight to behold. Located in southern Siberia, the lake covers an area of almost 32,000 square kilometers (12,000 sq. mi). Often referred to as the pearl of Siberia, Lake Baikal boasts quite a few world records for lakes. It is the largest lake, by volume, in the world. (The largest lake by area award goes to the Caspian Sea.) Lake Baikal holds more water than all of the Great Lakes combined, an estimated 20% of the world’s unfrozen freshwater. It can hold so much water because it is extraordinarily deep. Lake Baikal’s maximum depth of 1,609 meters (5,387 feet) makes it the deepest lake in the world. It is the oldest lake in the world as well. Forming 25 million years ago, Lake Baikal, it is suspected, began as a river basin.

Lake Baikal is home to more than 2,000 species of plants and animals, two thirds of which can be found nowhere else in the world. This large number of unique, endemic species can be attributed to Lake Baikal’s isolation. Surrounded by mountains and forests, organisms here have had millions of years to meander evolutionarily from their closest relatives. One of these organisms is the Baikal seal, the only seal in the world that lives entirely in freshwater. Its closest relative, the Arctic Ringed Seal, is over 3,000 km of rugged terrain away. Baikal is a land of uniqueness, isolation, beauty and magnificent size.


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Weekly Play News

The challenge of 18 year old Jurina who has cut her hair short ( Borrowing her boyfriend’s shirt to wear.. This type of sexiness? 

—The shots were great!

Thank you! Although this may sound like i’m boasting, but i look real mature right? (lol) Especially in the black swimsuit!

— The black swimsuit and the black leather jacket match very well together, it attracted a lot of attention. Also the black leather jacket is your personal clothing!

When i was wearing my own clothing this morning, the camera man said [ This and a black swimsuit wouldn’t it suit very well together? ]. This is the first time I’m photoshooting for a magazine with a leather jacket, It feels new.

— 18 years old and your hair is now short. Many of the shots are very mature!

Thank you (lol). but this is the first swimsuit photoshoot since i turned 18. So i decided [ The expression has to be way more mature compare to the time when i was 17 ]

— Jurina chan was told by others [ Are you 20? ] since the age of 11 right?

That’s so true. But if you look back to the photos in the past, i’m like a baby! Although i was known to be mature back then, but in the end i look young in comparism! (lol) The fans who liked me back then, will bring those photo during handshakes. I will say to them  [ What is this? It’s so embarassing! Don’t be like this~! ]. and they’ll reply [ You were so cute back then~ ] and so on.

— Jurina chan fan’s are like your father.

But if i were to reply [ Eh~, meaning right now i’m not cute? ] on purpose, they will say [ No No, You are cute right now! ] things like that. (lol)

—- Like your father… it’s a little wrong, It’s more like they’re similar to your uncles? Also, what are your goals after turning 18.

If I were to talk about my personal goals, my dream is to become an actress. I want to be involve in work related to acting. In the movie [ Furiko ] which is now on air, I have learned a lot of things.

— [ Furiko ] originally from the very touching Tekken-san’s flipbook.

The role i acted as is Nakamura Shido’s and Konishi Manami’s daughter. Other than that, Ken Naoko, Tetsuya Takeda and many others, being able to act with such big names i’m blessed. Especially the many scenes where i acted together with Tetsuya Takeda-san, i received a lot of guidance. While waiting for the shooting venue, regarding the kanji we carried out lessons that are similar to school!

— It’s like you entered the Kinpachi sensei ( Tetsuya Takeda past movie ) situation!

Exactly! [ 休 What about this word… ] Something like that. When i look at the situation i felt [ It’s Kinpachi sensei ! ]

— I’m envious!

So i felt that this is a great starting point for the age of 18. I went through a very precious experience. Ah, Also, Because i’m eighteen, I want to showcase my maturity though Shukan Play-san. For example, “ Wearing only a white shirt ” and more… It’s like [ Borrowing my boyfriend’s clothes to wear ] . Isn’t it sexy like this?

—-Oh oh! Isn’t this like number 1 in the male wishes!

I want to challenge this sort of photoshoots!

— SKE latest single [ Coquettish Juutai Chuu ] was first on Oricon Day list!

This song is about a childish girl who suddenlly became mature, the guys who are attracted by this situation that caused a bunch of complication.

— As an example. Jurina chan middle school classmate, after seeing ShukanPlay, [ Mat.. Matsui when have you become so mature!! ] This kind of feeling?

It’s exactly like that! (lol) I hope that they’ll be shock when they see the magazine in the supermakets. (lol)

— I wish that right now, the shopping malls will be broadcasting this song.

Ah, but don’t just stand there and watch it then just leave. You should buy it home, Listen to the CD and watch it at the same.

— Thank you for informing us particularly! The [ Coquettish Juutai Chuu ] on sale this time is the long time no see Double Center together with Matsui Rena.

That’s right! On one end it feels very nostalgic, on the other hand i really don’t know what kind of change to expect in the 48G next time. So taking the opportunity now to be double Center with Rena chan i’m really happy. All this while it’s always Nogizaka46 san that stole Rena chan away (lol)

— Talking about that, She was kennin for Nogizaka46 and SKE48.

I always thought [ When will they give Rena chan back? ] Solely when i’m watching from the side and our eyes meet, I’ll feel happy. [ As expected it’s Rena chan ] i will think likewise. (giggle)

— Whenever we are talking about Rena chan, Jurina chan you are always  happy. Also you participated in the performance where kids nowadays love [ Youkai Watch ] ending song [ Idol wa Unyanya no Ken ] right. Also you are in the idol group “NyaKB with Jibanyan ” that exist in the Youkai watch world.

That’s Right! Being able to participate in this group I’m really happy! Because the little kids will know. …However, In the ending although it’s “ NyaKB ’ appearing, but because it’s the adaption of anime, It’s unable for the kids to know me as a NyaKb member! So whenever there’s kids around, I’ll tell them [ Onee chan is in NyaKb you know ]. and they’ll reply [ Eh~? ] (lol)

— You have to get them to know who you are.

[ The one wearing the blue ribbon, that member! Because my hairstyle is style different from the others, it’s easy to find me! ] like this. I’m despearately promoting.

— Matsui Jurina who is desperately trying to promote herself amongst little kids! Is so interesting!

Turning 18 there’s so many thigns that happened, I’m really happy now! From today onwards please continue to support me!

Aydian Dowling May Become First Trans Man on Cover of Men’s Health

“Men’s Health magazine is on the search for the ‘Ultimate Guy’ to cover its November issue. Last year, Noah Galloway, a veteran who lost an arm and a leg to an IED, accrued the most votes in the online poll, winning the competition. This year, Aydian Dowling, the openly trans man whose photo imitation of Adam Levine’s famous Cosmo UK nude photoshoot for FTM magazine went viral, is leading the polls by an incredible margin. Currently boasting almost 25,000 votes, the man in second place only has 8,500.”


There was a one-day street festival in my town and the local funeral home had a tent and it boasted a wicker casket (it was like a classic wooden casket shaped basket) and they filled it with trademarked frisbees, back scratchers, and candy.

Small town America is amazing.

More first concepts for Beast characters

Top left: Redfoot- a coyote thief of indeterminate sex and non-committed gender. They are swift, intelligent, and boastful. Redfoot acts only for their own personal gain and amusement.

Top right: Shihar Gilt- A golden eagle warrior who is the warlord of Anima’s home territory. She appears to be a very cold and harsh person until you get to know her, she doesn’t emote well but she’s a rather benign ruler. She was two mates, Tarcil the falcon messenger and Ruddy the hawk who does the paperwork and domestic work.

Middle left: Paco III & Estebella Loudsong- these two parrot types (Paco’s a Carolina parakeet and Estebella’s a white cockatoo) are the parents of Paco IV and Paco’s many many siblings. The pair live with a very large extended family in a network of tunnels inside a hallowed out tree. The pair love each other and their children very much even if they can’t keep track of all of them all the time.

Middle right: Glide Club- Swoosh (flying squirrel), Clicker (sugar glider), and Ger (draco lizard) are Zip’s friends in glide club. Glide club is a group dedicated to flight and aerodynamics but not qualified to get into Flight Club. Members are mostly adrenaline junkies and often engage in stupid stunts.

Bottom: Mr. Cheesecake- he’s a carnivorous farmer of numerous vegetable and fungal goods as well as herder of Baas. Stories abound of his romantic conquests from his youth. Cheesecake is an exlover of both of Anima’s parents (separately) and more than willing to give the family a helping hand.

i’m #just like lecter in that i’ve lived in many countries, speak many languages, know a few martial arts, come from a family that used to boast great wealth and influence before the Soviet era, and am a massive unrepentant liar

ladymacbethsdaughter asked:

I very much enjoy reading your posts / Your words are wise, your blog it does intrigue / And no intention do I have to boast / It seems to be the perfect place for me / I humbly do request one thing your grace/ That in your ancient duchy may I be / One granted land or title to your state / In service I will write you poetry (pt 1- wait for it- not quite finished- writing a sonnet here)

(Pt 2) I am not one advanced in writing well / But with my set of skills you will forget / My word choice is not great as you can tell / But I will write your duchy it’s sonnets / So if your grace will grant me title now / Then all of this I’ll do and this I vow (done!)

HELL TO THE YES.  I hereby dub thee Sir (or Dame) Sonneteer and from henceforth you shall be counted among the sons and daughters of the noble and most ancient House of Bookingham.

anonymous asked:

I have a friend who is a Gemini and they boast about how their sign is good at math so I tell then how gOOD ARIES IS AT FIGHTING BY FIGHTING THEM AND THEN I WON FUCKING GEMINIS

what even

anonymous asked:

If I were a feminist and liberal, I wouldn't boast about it lol.

I put them on their because it describes my blog and myself, lol. I’m just ensuring that my followers know what they are getting in to! I post a lot of political/social things at times and I want to avoid offending people or making others uncomfortable!

I’d like to also add that feminism is very important to me, so if you disagree, then you probably shouldn’t follow me…

There’s a version that Hamilton used 52nd book of Cassius Dio’s “Roman History” for Federalist 70 because Rome of that times was a lot like the US. And that feeling when I open this work and find “For the boasted freedom of the mob proves in experience to be the bitterest servitude of the best element to the other and brings upon both a common destruction; whereas this freedom of which I speak everywhere prefers for honour the men of prudence, awarding at the same time equality to all according to their deserts, and thus gives happiness impartially to all who enjoy this liberty.” Does this remind you of someone’s views? ;)


this is one of my favorite parts because av stuff doesnt work like that. if the connection was bad then the picture would switch back and forth between the two signals or it might go to static or color bars but there is nothing that would make the picture go all crazy in isolated parts like that. which means moriarty specifically edited the video like that to make it more scary.

🐷 🍒AYISHHHHHAAA 🌸👨 I love you so much,k ? In the scheme of people I’ve met on this earth My little sister is actually such a great person , so beautiful and inspiring and just the best vibes . :’) #boasting #buttbhidc #hi #haveagooddayshash