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Boardspace is an international online literary and life magazine for anyone connected to a boarding school, compiled by various members of the New England boarding school community (including some members of the Lookbook!). If you are an incoming  or current prep school student, I encourage you to check it out! The magazine prints topics relevant to boarding school life and more. 

Dear reader,

Boardspace is back with Issue 2 and we’re prouder than ever! This issue has taken on a life of its own. It’s filled with art made from all corners of the world, discussion-worthy articles, entertaining prose, beautiful poetry, and a very honest interview with a boarding school alumnus.  We promise that we aren’t pulling these adjectives out of our buttocks.
Read, admire, critique, and comment away! When you’re done looking through this baby, make sure to spread the word.

The Board


Let’s get this out first - Hive is an awesome, abstract boardgame! It’s a kind of chess-like game without a board and with five different kinds of insects as pieces, three additional ones sold as add-ons. I have the actual boardgame, although I haven’t found it since our last move - believe me I’ve looked hard these past few days.

A few days back I noticed a PC-port of the game on one of the Game-bundle sites and bought it. (first picture above) It’s a mediocre port at best, feels like it would belong on a tablet, but the game itself is still just as awesome as before.

I tried getting into a multi-player match but to no avail. After some google-fu I found BoardSpace (second picture above), where you not only can play against other players - and there actually are other players online - but you can also play against the A.I.

Another positive thing about playing on BoardSpace is that you can play using any of the three expansions; the Mosquito, the Ladybug and the Pillbug. I have never used these before, but caught on quickly and I really enjoy all of them. Sure you can use these on the Steam-version as well, but you have to buy them as DLC…

Bottom line, I’m glad the mediocre PC-port let me find this awesome boardgame again! Now I just need to find my real copy of the game as well, and then buy the DLCExpansions!

Summer brings with it the sun (sometimes) and so the good times. There’s sunbathing to be done, friends to visit, weddings to be sung at and films to see. And then, suddenly, you’re a week away fro…

"…the letters that will be read to me have already been printed on the piece of paper that they’ll be read from."


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I missed you all!

I know it’s been a while without consistent posting! Unfortunately college requires studying, too (shocker, right?). But keep sending in those questions and I promise I’ll get to all of them :)

And you know if you are still looking for your boarding school fix, head on over to Boardspace Mag! I’m one of their correspondents and it’s a great source for detailing the boarding school experience.

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