One of the highlights from Glasgow Greens fireworks last night.

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Fading to Dust

Send me 'Fading to Dust' for my muses reaction to watching yours die right in front of them.

The winter came harsher this year than most. True, the kingdom was no stranger to snow, but with this winter it seemed like it never wanted to leave. It ate at people, slowly, draining the pink from their faces.

She sat at his bedside, wringing a damp cloth in her hands. In the passed hour he’s moved around a bit, groaning and flicking his tongue across his dry lips. His throat’s too dry to let any water pass through.

She shatters the silence by knocking her chair to the ground. 

"This is just whit everyone says! ‘stead of proving yer worth oan the battlefield, ye’re just going to roll over an’ die all quiet like. Ye even got any boaby?! Any pride!" She clenches her fists in his blanket, grumbling. Then her voice cracks and she sinks to the floor, shoulders shaking.

"Wake up. Come on, please wake up…"