BoA’s Monodrama

Kwon BoA — Grazia Making Video December Issue

i just realized that with male idols it takes a lot of watching them in music videos, variety shows, reality shows, and a handful of fancams to gradually get invested in them but with female idols i could just see like a gif set of them eating a sandwich and immediately be ready to cash in my soul

No Diggity (Acapella Ver.)
  • No Diggity (Acapella Ver.)
  • Cover

This was ALL vocals, no music, no back track, its purely just SPICA’s vocals. Now, if this doesn’t tell you that they are one of the most talented if not most vocally talented idol group out there in the kpop industry now, pls re-evaluate your life. No one can touch SPICA when it comes to vocals, & this cover just proves it all. 

141105 real__pcy: 마지막이라고했지만 두장더올릴꺼야…..오늘인스타폭팔한다.. 할로윈 드레스코드가 잘맞았던 보아누나와함께..😄
I said last but I’m going to upload two more… today my insta is exploding… with BoA nuna whose halloween dress code matched mine well 😄