Kim Youngmin needs to be fired!

Alright so if you guys don’t know Lee Sooman is not the CEO of SM anymore, Youngmin is. This year has been nothing but a mess and is only getting worst. I HIGHLY doubt Jessica got but either way SM needs to change and they need to change now. Either Sooman needs to be brought back or someone new needs to take over because there’s less than 4 months of this year left but I can see SM destroying its self after the pace it’s been at. Like seriously this is scary.

2014 has been such a bad year for kpop;
- kris leaving exo
- ot11
- boa’s illegal land scandal
- park bom’s drug prescription
- a.kor kemy’s diss track
- eunb and rise’s deaths
- sojung & ladies codes conditions
- seungri’s car accident & condition
- jessica leaving snsd
- ot8
i wish the year would just hurry up and pass.
pic cr: we heart it
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PART 2: Sometimes I wait along time for my FLAG to come back down.

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