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Cypher 3 {2013}

Lady Dahlia
Tiffany Shante
BNicol Da Reason
Ayo Princezz
Kara Julez
Lana Amazen

Made a Jewelry Organizer by using fallen branches. I found an old vase that no one was using and TA DA! The branches were kinda thick, so i used a box cutter and shaved the bottoms so they would be skinnier. I used 4 branches in total. I mean, i guess it depends on how much jewelry you have. I put everything from Necklaces to bracelets. I lucked out when i found my earrings also stood on! *fist pump* (not Jersey Shore type, more like Breakfast Club) After I placed the branches in the vase, i added tiny white fake flowers for some type of decor. Whatcha think?

I can not stress enough..

If you ever need a friend. if you ever just need someone to hear you bitch. If you ever need someone to talk to, ill be here. Regardless if i know you or not. Even as empty as i feel, i know i will feel SO much better knowing that someone else is with me. Sometimes its not the darkness that we cant handle, its going through it alone. Ill help you find or be your light. Im not a therapist, but i do know what its like to hide everything & look perfectly happy. Pass on a smile. It could save someones life.