A la découverte de Bangkok et de ses Khlongs

A la découverte de Bangkok et de ses Khlongs

Bangkok est une mégalopole qui souffre comme de nombreuses autres grandes cités d’un problème récurrent : la circulation. La densité de population, un plan d’occupation des sols pas toujours très cohérent et des infrastructures insuffisantes en raison d’un nombre croissant de véhicules provoquent quotidiennement des ralentissements et des bouchons sur la plupart des axes routiers de la cité. Mais…

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Bangkok Smiles


by Travelettes

Beijing Day 25

I thought I’d have a good lie in after such a busy day but only managed until a bit after 7am. It was probably good because after the usual round of stuff I thought I’d work on the Beijing Day 24 post, that has tons of pics in it. One or two snack breaks aside I managed to get this completed well after 1pm that I’d like to put down to technology and bandwidth problems – there was definitely an intermittent upload issue.

Outside looked fine but I had n idea what the temperature was like as I can’t really see any people from the apartment or at least not close enough to work out what they are wearing.

Psyched up I heading off towards Santilun to go to Yashow Clothes Market to buy a bag, visit a DVD shop and then get something to eat. It was a nice walk, not too hot and just a great Sunday afternoon amble with no particular timeframe.

I got to the market and within seconds it reminded me of MBK, Bangkok therefore I was glad I had not read anything about it or I just wouldn’t have gone. The bags were in the basement so that’s where I headed for. I knew what style I wanted and I knew I did not want to spend much so it was very much what I thought would do the trick vs’ hassle factor (which I’m not good at). After a full circuit I just headed for one store I thought I could cope with having been grabbed and had stuff pushed in my face for 10 minutes prior. I put the money I wanted to spend in one pocket and proceeded to haggle. Towards the end she asked me to show the money so I did, she asked if I had anything else and spotted a small wad in my shirt pocket.  Bugger!! It was not that much and ultimately I got it for almost 60% less than what she asked. I hated every minute of it.

I tramped off to the DVD shop I saw lots of foreigners go into previously but when I got in it was pretty empty. As soon as one of the staff saw me she led me to the ‘other room’ that was hidden in the Clothes Market behind the Toilets. It was packed with every movie and TV series you could imagine. It was also packed with foreigners!!  As I’m not a great shopper I spotted the new movies and grabbed 8. I went to the ‘check-out’ and was told 4 of them were not great quality ‘yet’ so I settled for 4 that cost a grand total of 36RMB or 170 Baht.

If I was to say I was pleased wit my shopping trip I’d be lying but I was glad it was out of the way.

Lunch/Dinner was not beckoning so I went to the Stumble Inn knowing I’d get a descent sized feed I can actually eat rather than the massively oversized portions everywhere else. The Cornish Pasty was a bit tough (Microwaved) but did the trick plus there was the Brisbane vs’ Manly match followed by Roosters v’s Storm. There was nobody really sitting inside and the deck was packed but I perched myself on a wall when the kids called to wish me Happy Father’s Day. It was still quite hot so I made a mental note to wait until it started getting dark, go to the supermarket and then head back.

I’m aware I hadn’t taken any pics today so here are a few here for your entertainment and delight!!!  This the back of a Tooheys New bottle


This is the bag…..


This is the blow out in the back of my left shoe…


This is the blow out in my right shoe….


This is the back of a another bottle of Tooheys New


Well I stuck to the plan, bought a few essentials and headed back all in time to move things from A to B for a while, get something to eat and relax whilst watching yet another movie (yes I should have put on a DVD).

The best they could muster tonight was ‘You Again’ which I’d seen a few trailers for and even an interview with Sigourney and Jamie Lee but either the day caught up with me or it was boring. I moved from the living room to the bedroom and the next thing I knew I was waking up to something else at some ungodly time or day/night/morning.