Hey there! It’s been a while. I’ve been working 40-45 hours a week. I’m wrapping up some artwork and drawing answer replies (long overdue). You guys will see me post and reblog things on Mondays (my only day off lol). I’m going to post’em all up soon.

But here’s an animation of “Chip and Marshall SUPER ADVENTURE!” I clipped out some scenes from the FULL animated short movie. Hope y’all enjoy it…. Here’s the link-> HERE

….huehuehue >:)

I think its important that even if its seemingly ‘obvious’ what someones sexual orientation is that you let them come to it in their own time and also don’t act as if it was obvious when they tell you because people bury themselves in so much denial due to whatever, homophobia/biphobia/transphobia/acephobia etc, it can be hard to truly come to terms with who you are- even if its apparently self evident because of your behave or manner

taylor swift stans: release “style” taylor, it’d be such a big hit!

pop music fans: release “style”, it’ll continue your #1 streak!

the general public: have you heard “style” by taylor swift? it’s such a fantastic song!! i hope she releases it as a single!!

scott borchetta: hey taylor, “style” is selling really well on itunes and radio stations are playing it without it even being released, you should make it a single!

karlie kloss, at 3 am while lying next to taylor, in a hushed tone: taylor, “style” is such a beautiful song, it reminds me of us. yo should make it a single so the whole world can hear this beautiful hymn.

taylor swift

taylor swift: *releases “style”, doesn’t perform it once during it’s single run, goes to several award shows and talk shows without even mentioning it, releases a shitty video for it, AND doesn’t give it a single cover*

look. i’ve seen meta that i completely disagree with and i’ve seen meta that seems like a big stretch to me and i’ve seen meta that i think is ridiculous and you know what i do? i scroll past it.

reblogging positive meta to add negativity to it and to tell people they’re reading too much into things is shitty. just don’t. laugh or roll your eyes or do whatever you need to do and then keep scrolling. don’t shit on other people’s interpretations and enjoyment of the show in their own way.